take it for your health, your curiosity, or 200-hour yoga certification!

VITALITY's Yoga Circle opening this summer 2022
  • no tuition...because it's priceless!
  • to apply, complete 40 hours of service in the community gardens, farms, or farmers markets in your neighborhood before June 14...first friends to complete their service get the first spots (30 spots for sure)
  • click here to get email updates about everything you'll need...and we'll share ideas for completing your service, whether you like getting your hands dirty or not!

Led by Tonia Smith & Brian Shircliff…discover yoga and all your life can be using the playful, sensational ideas of Moshe Feldenkrais, Ruthy Alon, Krishnamacharya…and some Neuro Linguistic Programming fun too!

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registration opens May 1 & registration closes May 21!

VITALITY's 2022 Yoga Circle 

a pathway to awakening; a pathway to 200-hour yoga teacher certification

join for your health!
join for your curiosity!
join for yoga-certification…a new career!

Your "Payment"
  • TODAY...enroll by clicking here to notify us of your intent to join the Yoga Circle...we'll save spots for 30 people for sure
  • BY JUNE 15, complete 40 hours of service in the community gardens, farms, & farmers markets in your neighborhood -- once you enroll with us, we'll send you ideas on how to get connected in your neighborhood and how to report on your progress (your friends can help with your 40 hours too! bring one friend with you who volunteers with you and their time counts for you!)
  • ON JUNE 20, we'll send you the Zoom links to join the Yoga Circle + all of VITALITY's classes, all available to you for 'free' in exchange for your garden-service
  • ON JUNE 26, we begin classes!
  • BEFORE OCT 1, complete 60 more hours of garden-service in your neighborhood (your friends can help again too!)
  • IN OCT/NOV, teach 10 yoga/meditation classes by donation to family/friends
  • BY DEC 1, make a donation to VITALITY...anything from $1 to $1 million!
  • DEC 4 is Graduation -- woohoo!
  • Tonia Smith, Brian Shircliff, and all the yoga guides for this program donate their time sharing yoga, just like you donate your time in the community gardens to earn your place in the Yoga Circle...all of us renewing life on our planet with our gifts!
Our Meeting Dates
  • SUNDAYS, 10:30a - 3:00p ET from June 26 - Dec 3, 2022 (shortened meetings on holiday weekends)
  • you'll get to sign up for a 1-hr smaller group class/meeting once a week
  • you get free access to all of VITALITY's weekly Zoom classes
  • you get invited to all of VITALITY's in-person weekly classes if you happen to live near Cincinnati
  • you can take VITALITY's Healing Touch Level 1 class at a discounted rate, thanks to the Buswinka Scholarship Fund
Zoom, Zoom
  • since the training happens via Zoom, you can join from anywhere in the world!
  • Sunday training classes will be recorded to view in case you need to miss a week
  • attend at least 75% live to get certified
Our Style
  • we practice a gentle style of yoga informed by the neuroplasticity ideas of Moshe Feldenkrais & Ruthy Alon, the creative and deep wisdom of Krishnamacharya, the playful meditations of Neuro Linguistic Programming...all with the hopes that you create a style of sharing yoga that works for you
  • check out the 2 recordings from May 3...some movement and some program details and Tonia Smith's NLP-meditation

Moshe Feldenkrais!

helped invent radium & SONAR, started judo in Europe, and after a serious knee injury taught himself to walk again by studying and re-engaging developmental patterns and discovering that sensation is a key to learning and moving...his move-to-heal-your-brain-ideas of the middle 20th century are now being proven through science (neuroplasticity)


in VITALITY's Yoga Circle, we learn from and with each other...each one of us helping us to discover the Inner Teacher within each one of us!

Ruthy Alon!

a long-time student of Feldenkrais, she created her own significant work called Movement Intelligence and healed her own osteopenia and rounded upper back...all through gentle movement done in clever, intelligent ways that anyone can play with for their health and to improve any way you'd like to move -- from walking to Olympic gold!


the most learned teacher of yoga in India who died in 1989 at the age of 101, he invented most of the yoga-shapes we think are 'traditional' to meet each of his students where they are...first yoga teacher to allow women to become teachers too...teacher of BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga Yoga), Indra Devi, Desikachar, AG Mohan...and you!

300-hour Yoga Certification

join our 300-hour group after you complete your 200-hour certification...next 300-hour group begins Jan 2023!

take it for your health!
take it for your curiosity!
take it for yoga-certification…a new career!

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