I’ve often wondered where all the holistic endeavors meet . . .

from massage to yoga to Healing Touch to acupuncture to aromatherapy to tai chi to Movement Intelligence / Feldenkrais Method to on and on and on . . .

what’s at the heart of all of them?

Could it be so simple as using Nature to improve one’s health?

Seemed to work for nurse Florence Nightingale — that opening the windows for fresh air and getting out in the sunshine and cleaning up the place effected such positive change for her patients.

Seemed to work for Jon Kabat-Zinn — to open a stress-relief clinic in a major hospital that became so successful that insurance companies began reimbursements for his ‘procedures’ of a few gentle yoga-shapes and simple breathing and breathing with awareness and meditation.  And those reimbursements were in the 1990s!  In Boston!

It’s a tremendous gift to live in a country where we have so many helpful medical interventions that can be accessed (by many, though not all) when needed.

And could it be true as well that breathing-moving-resting . . . in a thousand guises . . . even lazing away the morning walking brafeoot through the unsprayed grass . . . could improve one’s health?

— submitted by Brian Shircliff