Bones for Life® & Feldenkrais®

Brian Shircliff
Bones for Life Trainer & Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Bones for Life® & Feldenkrais Method®

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Is it really that gentle? How could gentle do any good?

Bones for Life is definitely gentle and yet enables such profound changes. There are 90 processes…some are explored from a chair, some from the floor (or bed or massage table, if that’s easier), and some from standing. The teacher/leader invites small movements that can be explored by anyone, even in one’s own imagination.

Bones for Life processes rely on baby/toddler movements which grew each of our nervous systems. Those moves eventually helped us to figure out how to stand up on one’s own on this gravity-rich planet, and then take a step, and then walk a bit, and then walk efficiently. Humans are the only mammals who have to learn to move — we are born without nervous systems already wired into move. Most mammals walk within minutes of birth. It takes us humans about a year to stand and walk, maybe even longer!

When we revisit those baby/toddler moves and relate them to mature walking, something very powerful happens in one’s nervous system — old aches and pains can disappear, walking becomes pleasurable again or even for the first time, and bones can get the stimulation they need to grow through healthier walking.

Ruthy Alon created Bones for Life when she was about 65 years old to prevent to restore our joints to innocence so that we might more readily and easily build bone health through walking. Study after study reveals that walking is the best exercise we can offer ourselves — and the ONLY thing that all studies point to as critical in building bone health and preventing osteoporosis.

Ruthy was a longtime student of Moshe Feldenkrais. She uses his ideas of slow, gentle movement to change the ways one’s brain organizes the complex relationships in every human body between bone, muscle, connective tissue — one’s whole whole self — under the greatest force on the planet, gravity.

“Feldenkrais,” “Feldenkrais Method,” and “Awareness Through Movement” are service marks of the “Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.”

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