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Free Decision-Making Workshop!

led by Paula Dunson


May 18 3:00-5:00pm

Are you having a hard time making a decision about something in your life?

Is there something you are finding difficult to discern?

What if you could connect with the answers that are already present in you? What if it did not require you to talk but rather to connect with your body’s innate intelligence?

Join us for a free workshop where we will practice some techniques to connect with our eternal and higher wisdom.

Led by Paula Dunson — RSVP to Brian at 513.300.5174 by May 15!


Family Constellations

Family Constellations helps us to move more towards order in our relationships, with our parents, families, partners, our children, and at work. Without order, the natural flow of love is constrained and as a result might create pain in our relationships. Family Constellations helps us to see ourselves in a systemic way, exploring how patterns or dynamics in our family systems might still be at work in our lives today and not serving us well. At this workshop, we will explore areas in our lives where we might feel stuck and the reasons that lie behind, in order to grow and be freer to go towards life and our greatest potential.

> The next full-day workshop will be held on Sat, June 22 from 9:30-5:00 at VITALITY Cincinnati. Facilitated by Anne Bernard Becker and Paula Dunson. Register by text/call to Brian Shircliff at 513.300.5174. Group size is very limited, so we recommend you register asap.  Workshop fee: $130 ($110 if registered by June 5)


Originally from Argentina, Paula Dunson is a professional international rider and trainer. Through her relationship with her horses she became interested in the innate power of healing and the body, soul and mind relationship. After a life changing series of events, she discovered the power of family constellations and became a student of Reiki and Healing Touch. She is a trained facilitator in Family Constellations having studied and graduated in Uruguay with Veronica Correa.

Anne Bernard Becker has been leading Family Constellation workshops in Cincinnati since completing her facilitator training in Louisville in 2006. She is the author of a memoir exploring the effects of early sibling death and family silence, as well as a book of spiritual essays. Most recently she has been writing a memoir on authenticity, belonging, and the dynamics of shame. Anne has been a member of New Jerusalem, an alternative spiritual community, since 1985. Family Constellation Work has impacted every aspect of her life.

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find a way to thrive in your life by doing almost nothing


join the circle, kick around ideas to write or contemplate, sit in the quiet and write or doodle or draw or stare at the wall, enjoy conversation with friends or sit back and listen with a cup of tea


great for beginners & friends who have been journaling for decades


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