Inner Journey

our journaling/contemplating circle
hosted by our dear friend Penny Costilla via Zoom on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month
hosted by Brian Shircliff at our Walnut Hills location on special occasions...check our calendar for details
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Birthing a New Age

circle convened by Brian Shircliff,
a yearly opportunity offered through VITALITY

Something new is coming about, isn’t it? You feel it too?

Change is in the air — and has been for decades surely…

...radical awakening in the 60s and 70s all the way to the present…peace becoming a way more and more of us opt for... people who hadn't been recognized as equals proudly, loudly, and clearly awakening others to know it too…women, indigenous people, people of color, LGBTQ+ people and more

...realizing the limits of modern religion or even leaving it behind altogether for something else...maybe a closer-to-the-ground awareness of life in all its fullness

...teetering on the precipice of planetary disaster and discovering solutions and bright ideas together so that future generations can live here

...and now living with this pandemic and the changes in life that are being invited…including the realization that there aren’t infinite resources on this planet and all the waking up we humans are doing and leaving/changing careers for something more life-giving.

And these are just a few of the changes in the air, right?

Would you like to join with friends who will listen and watch and feel along with you all these changes happening societally and within each one of us?

What do we do? We simply talk and to listen to and with and for one another, about what's happening in our lives, about what draws us into more life.

It’s been fascinating. And helpful -- join with us!

the Birthing circle opens once a year!

stay tuned for when that will be next...and for now, drop into the Inner Journey circle and make some wonderful friends!

Circles are amazing...where all voices and ideas are welcomed.  What goodness will show up on the page or in your life when we all gather and breathe and wonder?

You might be positively surprised!

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