Our Mission

VITALITY is a circle of friends welcoming all, awakening each other, and reminding each other that we are Whole. Our affordable self-care programs invite everyone to move, to breathe, to rest, to contemplate, to grow…wherever each person begins their self-care journey, wherever and however they want to become.

VISION . . . 5 years from now, where are we?

VITALITY builds a center that:
• shares self-care
• grows holistic careers
• is earth-friendly
• encourages earth-friendly approaches
• is pandemic-friendly
• welcomes both new and long-time friends to grow through
conversation and contemplation.

We envision a center where the power of the circle is our way, circles where wisdom and ideas are shared by all with a cup of tea or a bowl of soup, circles where everyone knows peace, love, acceptance, and friendship; circles where each one experiences the sweetness of cooperating in a common purpose, opening to the joy in each moment.

We envision holistically-minded open circles like these growing and enriching each other beyond VITALITY, being permeable and cross-pollinating, and awakening each person’s innate ability to soothe or heal themselves, to know their vitality, to (re)discover their personal wholeness within the wholeness of Earth, the Universe.

Our Story

A group of three determined to make Healing Touch affordable for all.

We gathered people from all walks of life who wanted to make a difference. We chose Healing Touch, yoga, journaling, meditation and recently added Movement Intelligence® & Feldenkrais Method®. These are all gentle, holistic modalities that can be learned easily and practiced by people in their own homes, with family and friends, often with very little equipment needed.

Through these self-care modalities, we invite growth with one person who shares it with another person and another person, and before you know it, there is a holistically-minded person in every home in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and all over the world who can share what they know and listen to and learn from one another’s experiences.

In a most important sense, then, it’s relationship that is vital. Perhaps these ‘modalities’ are simply ways of opening to one another, of being fully alive to one another . . . to see and hear and sense the wholeness — THE ALL — of one another.

VITALITY was founded in 2010 as a 501(c)3 charitable/educational organization. We rent a small space in Walnut Hills, host many classes on Zoom, and have many free classes in parks all over Cincinnati. All of our programs welcome everyone and are donation-based . . . from a handful of change to a check.

Our Graduates

Our graduates have shared yoga and Healing Touch-inspired meditations all over the world.

Since beginning VITALITY’s Yoga/Healing Touch Internship — which certifies 200-hour yoga teachers — our graduates have shared yoga and Healing Touch-inspired meditations all over the globe— even as far as South Africa!

Our Yoga/Healing Touch Intern-Graduates have shared their gifts in college yoga clubs, among high school faculty/staff, in recreation centers and gyms among all ages, in fields, at traditional yoga studios owned by themselves or friends, at businesses and research labs, in garden centers, through Zoom, in restaurants and tea houses, in parks, in food pantries, in churches and places of worship, in coffee shops, in community rooms, in food courts, in senior centers, in board rooms, in art galleries, among grade school & junior high faculty/staff, on farms, in barns, in fields, in prisons, in hospitals, in health centers, at resorts, in factories, in centers for the blind, in their own homes, in apartment community rooms, in recovery centers, at farmers markets, at breweries and bourbon distilleries, at food co-ops, at pre-schools, at orphanages, at homeless shelters, for hospital networks, in classrooms, at cancer recovery centers, in auditoria, at nature centers, in garages, in grocery stores . . . in just about any place you could imagine.

And what’s even better, these graduates create their own small businesses to help themselves and their families thrive holistically and financially by meeting their class-participants where they are.

Some graduates share their holistic-gifts for a living, as full-time or part-time jobs; others volunteer as they are able; others share with family and friends as they feel most comfortable. Nearly all of our graduates offer at least some classes by donation (as we do at VITALITY) or on a sliding-scale — watch them grow our world!

Our Friends...join us!

Current Board Members:  Helen Buswinka, Mike Eck, CJ Pierce, Logan Probst, Brian Shircliff, Tonia Smith

Founding Friends & Emeritus Board Members:  Lindsey Armor, Richard Bollman SJ, Joyce & Tom Choquette, Penny Costilla, Mary Duennes, Denise Eck, Kevin Laskowski, Joan Lichtman, Micah Richey, Sue Saylors, Carol T Yeazell

Gardening Coordinators who host VITALITY-friends and yoga-interns as regular volunteers: Brenda Baker & CJ Pierce of Beecher Street Garden, Stephen Dienger of Our Harvest Cooperative, Gary Dangel of Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation/Zone 06, Aprilann Pandora of Eden Urban Gardens, Crystal Judge of Gracious Farm, Sue Plummer of the Society of St. Andrew national gleaning network, and many more

And the 130 yoga-graduates, Healing Touch practitioners, Bones for Life Teachers who share moving-breathing-resting in so many unique ways all over the world!

And the friends of our weekly drop-in programs and Birthing a New Age membership who join the circle every week!

All Are Welcome at VITALITY!

VITALITY Cincinnati’s very foundation is built upon the belief and practice that every person is treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. VITALITY Cincinnati embraces all people and does not discriminate against anyone (trustees, members, volunteers, participants, interns, employees) because of race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, or age. It is also VITALITY Cincinnati’s policy to comply with all applicable national and local laws pertaining to nondiscrimination and equal opportunity.