Birthing a New Age

circle convened by Brian Shircliff,
a membership offered through VITALITY

for creative and curious friends who know something big and new is coming…and who want to help dream it into being!

join the next circle of friends who will begin gathering with us via Zoom Thursday, Jan 6 at 6:30pm ET and let’s discover together all that springs to life within us in our circle!

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subscribers joining by Dec 21 will receive...

weekly creative ideas for an entire year to spur your own imagination to create how you'd like to create

get access to fun and inspiring invitations to your writing, painting, dancing, composing, creating using the creative tools of gentle movement, Feldenkrais Method, Neuro Linguistic Programming, meditation, and all that springs to life within us in our circle...most prompts will be 2-minute videos that invite your way of experiencing life to expand and grow so that your imagination and abilities to create grow

four 75-90 minute Zoom encounters with fellow creatives at 6:30pm ET between Jan 6 - Feb 3

share creations, talk about the creative process, share ideas and questions...with a small group of friends in the Zoom circle, we'll be able to have some amazing conversations...and after those five weeks you'll be able to keep the conversations going among friends from this group and previous/future groups!

get published by contributing to VITALITY buzz, bliss + books' annual journal

contribute one piece — writing/lyrics or photograph of your art/creation — to VITALITY buzz, bliss + books’ opportunity to be published and get your name/work out to a broader audience and be part of a circle of people wondering aloud/allowed about the new age emerging

join the VITALITY family

be welcomed with free access into VITALITY's drop-in classes during the six-weeks of the Zoom meetings, be invited to submit items to be published through the VATRON process described through & you'll also receive special invitations to seasonal events to connect with fellow-creatives

for US residents

a copy of the annual journal will be mailed to you, included in the price of the annual membership

for non-US residents

we’re happy to mail you a copy of the annual journal if you provide the postage required for the journal to get to you (VITALITY will cover the first US$5)

Space is limited, don't wait!A whole new age is waiting for us to notice it and be with it and create along with it!

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