...buzz with us...

What will bring this gnarly grass to vitality again?

The bees sure know!

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we began VITALITY buzz, bliss + books LLC to share ideas from our circle...creations inspiring love, creativity + possibility on the planet.

Our world needs new ways, yes?

Please consider joining us for a Zoom Open House and Conversation...

Mon, March 22
Meeting ID: 859 1838 7057 Passcode: 140332

Come see what we’re up to and how you can submit your writing + artwork for publication.

And I'll talk for a few minutes about the recent book The Naked Path of Prophet volume 1 and welcome some conversation around the implications for our world with a book such as this.

What wisdom will you conjure and share this Spring?

Brian Shircliff
program director

Inner Journey journaling is this Wednesday night at 7pm...reach out to me for the Zoom link to join the circle and discover what comes forth from your pen...you might be quite pleasantly and ecstatically surprised!


this could be you!

This could be you!

"This is the first time I've had this many pain-free days in a row for years — all because of Movement Intelligence! Why in the world would I accept surgery or strong medication when a few movements work for me?"

These are the words shared with me yesterday by someone who attended a Movement Intelligence / Bones for Life Immersion and comes to VITALITY's classes.

Could it be that simple?

Usually, yes. It worked for us when we were small children first navigating the world and growing our brain and nervous system -- indeed our whole self! -- with each new movement.

The only issue with most adults is that too many of us stopped trying new, gentle movements. And we forgot how to listen deeply to our own luxuriating in movement. And thus we stopped most of our growth.

Think you're too old to try new things like Movement Intelligence? Tell that to our MANY clients in their 70s, 80s, and 90s who began just a few years ago and are getting great results.

Think you're too young to need Movement Intelligence? Tell that to me, a very strong athlete and hand-stands-will-save-the-world yogi in my 30s who repeatedly injured myself until I found Movement Intelligence -- or it found me. I wish I had known Movement Intelligence when I was coaching high school athletes -- looking back, they would have benefitted tremendously and performed even better than they already did!

Just as the daffodils can push the leaves of old seasons out of the way and grow into their beauty, so too can you and me and anyone....

Join us for our next immersions via Zoom that begin Sat, March 13 and you could discover a whole new way to be...and in your own personal style: Bones for Life® / Movement Intelligence®

Only a few days left to register -- by midnight Monday, March 8!

Spring is unfurling itself, even in the winter. Even after all those years, Spring knows how...so elegantly and wisely and differently each year, intelligently.

Will you be so wise in this new season?

Brian Shircliff
program director

purchase a book from our new bookstore and you help grow our holistic self-care outreach! save the date for a Mon, March 22 conversation about The Naked Path of Prophet and its implications for our 21st century world...7pm via Zoom


As The Snow Flies, What Will Be Your Spring?

The snow in the Ohio River Valley has been a welcome quarantine-relief for me.

The crunch of my feet in it, the absolute quiet of night.

The ways it changes my life, the rhythms of my day, my expectations.

I hiked with a friend just before sunset last night and realized that, yes, while more snow is on the way this week, Spring will be here before we know it.

About a month.

As much as I stay with the gifts of the present moment, I begin to wonder...how will I be different as the new season arrives?

Sometimes on these snowy days and nights, I like to pour a cup of tea, sit by the window, feel the warmth of the cup in my hands, and wonder how I'd like to be in the next season.  What will I set into motion for myself as winter leaves and spring does its thing?  What will I pour myself into as the new season arrives, what (re)new(ed) version of myself?

Our VITALITY circle is welcoming new friends with three immersions / trainings that begin with Spring:

Bones for Life® / Movement Intelligence®
200-hour yoga certification
300-hour yoga certification

Each one is life-changing.  The recipe is in the circle, in the sharing of ideas and questions and friendship and silences and laughter.  Some day, even food again.

Yes, the 'content' of each of these immersions is quite rich.  But maybe the richness, the sweetness, is in the 'how'?

Come and see.  Our 134 yoga graduates and Bones for Life immersion-grads all over the world certainly have something to say about that.

What gift will you plot out now for a Spring-unfurling that frees you to live the life of your greatest desires?

Brian Shircliff
program director

purchase a book from our new bookstore and you help grow our holistic self-care outreach!


need a little ecstasy, ease, and love in your life?

There was once a way of knowing YAHWEH -- the very breath of life! -- long before modern organized religions came to be.

There was once a way of knowing YAHWEH -- the very essence of life! -- long before authorities and the authoritarian-impulse within each one of us clamped down upon this wild way, even forbid it. It's the prophet's way...and it will surprise you as it surprises and transforms any prophet, ancient or modern.

And it will lead you to ecstasy, this ancient way that is the root of modern religion and yet completely different from modern religion. No drugs needed.

And this ecstatic experience is where Judaism, Christianity, Islam, yoga, and even the teachings of Gautama / Buddha meet.

Order your copy here at vitalitybuzz.org -- very limited copies available for the first run!

* * * * *

As I shared with you in our last update -- too long ago! -- VITALITY has welcomed a new publishing house to share ideas from VITALITY's circle of friends, ideas that inspire love, creativity, and possibility.

All funds raised through the sale of our books support VITALITY's holistic self-care outreach --

and at this time in our history, your purchase helps us amass a down-payment on a new center we plan to open once the pandemic dust settles.

Until then, all of our great programs are available via Zoom.


* * * * *

In gratitude to these VATRONS who donated $25+...essentially a pre-order on our new books:

The Naked Path of Prophet vol 1 & our upcoming book Inspiring Stories of Hands-On Healing:

Cynthia Allen & Larry Wells, Mary & Tim Cronin, Bob Donovan, Ed & Carol Ewbank, James Gaunt, Jeffrey Chad Hartman, Judith Johnson, Maggie & Russ King, Margaret Kupferle, Sarah Elizabeth, Bob Reineke, Laurie & Dan Roche, Tonia Smith, Scott Stiens, Howard Thoresen, Annie Weisbrod, Amy & Steve Whitlatch

with these VATRONS for The Naked Path of Prophet vol 1:

Harry Cullen Blanton, Mary Ann Blome, Angie Grimsley, Melissa McNeill, Mary Ann Meyer, Mary Muntel, Stephanie & Eric Nichols, Michael Preston, Cynthia Reese, Pam Schreiner, Lucille Schultz, Alli Shircliff & Rafael Gallardo, Karehma Simon, Jennifer Lynne, Debbie VanKuiken, Lada Tyro, Carol T Yeazell, anonymous friends

We are all grateful!  To a new world, friends!  To a new world...

Brian Shircliff
program director

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the deep source of my life

If 2020 was about seeing clearly -- with 20/20 vision --
then what will 2021 be about for you?

What did you come to see clearly in your life?

For me, I felt like so much of my life was grasping at this opportunity and that opportunity instead of simply enjoying everything unfolding...it took a pandemic and quarantine to realize I was missing so much life and joy.

So I enter into 2021 with a blank sheet of paper and a pen and a playful list and doodles of dreams, hopes -- but no resolutions.

Those resolutions of past years might have been what was getting in the way. Or maybe that way worked for some time and is no longer helpful.

Instead, I'll pay attention to what stirs inside me, what desires well up again and again, and which desires come but don't stick around...which could have been the fleeting ones that I grasped at in years past.

Perhaps this is what '2021' is about . . . I pay attention to this and then this . . . 20 + 21 . . . on and on and on, letting my life unfold in its own intelligent way.

What is the deep source of my life that is drawing me into life? Would you like to talk about this in our circle this year? Would you like to be playful with that question and let it unfold and unfurl?

You might have heard that we've launched a new publishing house for VITALITY-friends from our circle -- you! -- to share ideas and stories and questions and possibilities with the world.

It's VITALITY buzz, bliss + books LLC. Please click on it and check it out.

Two books are coming very soon to join with our four books from past years...

+ Inspiring Stories of Hands-On-Healing...(hopefully! we need more!) 100+ friends from around the world sharing their stories

+ The Naked Path of Prophet, volume 1 -- my new translation of 1 Samuel 1 - 18.4...a wild ride of a book so few people carefully or imaginatively pay attention to and, in my opinion, THE text through which to imagine a new world. It offers an experience to welcome a new world...but no solutions, no prescriptions. And the writing is hilarious and so clever.

The Naked Path of Prophet will be available on Apple Books (e-book) in the next few days and print copies hopefully in the next two weeks. Send me an email and I'll send you details once they are ready.

Proceeds from the sale of books support VITALITY Cincinnati's holistic self-care & outreach, including our new gleaning efforts that brought in 12,000 lbs of fresh, farm-ready food from the fields and into homeless shelters and food pantries and LaSoupe, thanks to the efforts of Sue Plummer and over 200 volunteers this year. Without those efforts, that food would have been wasted.

To a new world, friends! To a new world...

Brian Shircliff
program director

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the ends of the world

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How many 'ends of the world' have you lived through?

Quite a few if you're my age.

I remember being on the bus in first grade when one of the older kids informed everyone that this would be our last bus ride home -- the end of the world was upon us. He had just learned of it in history class.

It was a solemn walk home as everyone said their goodbyes. It even seemed like a darkness was setting in -- at 3:30 in the afternoon.

How quickly we humans can attune ourselves to whatever reality we think is coming!

Well, the sun came up the next day and onto the bus we went...a little confused.

How many 'ends of the world' have you known? Y2K, the Mayan Calendar, too many days this year.

This year's Winter Solstice is said to be a special one -- the Great Conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn aligning for the first time in awhile. 'The dawning of the Age of Aquarius!' some say!

Maybe it will be a new time, a new era, and everything will be made new for us.

And maybe not. How quickly so many of us are saying how much we want to get back to the way it was before covid-quarantining and the covid-nastiness to one another when someone wears or doesn't wear a mask to our liking.

I don't know about you...but I've learned a lot about myself and life during the covid-quarantine(s)...things I don't want to go back to my old life, some things that can't.

It will be a new world for sure. An old world is ending. No matter how hard we try, we won't be able to 'go back' to the old ways pre-quarantine. We won't fit into our old lives, no matter how hard we try.

We've been made new by an experience, by new experiences.

Are special planets aligning and special moons influencing to create a new age? Who knows.

One thing's for sure is that we can make choices about how to live our lives with joy and purpose -- no matter what the circumstances. The Spring disappearance of flour and yeast from the grocery shelves was a bother -- and a reminder of trying to craft a life of joy in our quarantined homes. The social media photos of friends baking bread and loving that experience in those early weeks were extraordinary. How long had we waited to entertain joy like this?

There is gift in change, and in enjoying freshly made bread from one's own hands.

We've been gathering for Winter Solstice at VITALITY since the beginning, 2010. Why? I think the first year was just a coincidence...our Inner Journey night happened to be on the Solstice and we thought it would be fun to make a safe/fake indoor fire and gather and share food and write or draw like we are invited to do and laugh and live.

We continue that tradition this year too -- this time via Zoom. Monday, Dec 21 at 7pm, led by Penny Costilla, cost is by donation.

Maybe you feel moved to join us? Maybe you're curious about how you can not only live in light and darkness on this darkest night of the year but be light and darkness...be it ALL, love ALL of it. Maybe you just wan't something different that night.

Reach out to me for the Zoom link. Know you are welcome in the circle.

Maybe great change is upon us, even more change in our future. It all changes, yes? Change is the only constant upon which we can depend.

What a gift to be able to gather and lean into it and laugh and love...

Brian Shircliff
program director

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the wonder of the dancing steam...

Everyone keeps asking if I'm ready to hibernate...especially after quarantining the past eight months.

I think I am.

The hibernating months of December and January and February have always been rich months of listening, of visioning, of wondering, of playing with ideas, of sitting with a cup of tea and letting the steam dance.

How about you?

Perhaps you're looking for friends as you hibernate -- this year through the luxury of Zoom...

people on whom you can count, reliable friendly faces you can meet through the comfort of your own home, without having to make a covid-risk.

Not sure where or how to begin this journey?  Reach out to me, or join Tonia Smith and more friends and me at tomorrow's Zoom Open House:

Zoom Open House on Saturday, Dec 5 from 1 - 2pm 

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86889318422?pwd=WHlDalVjT3Q3SGxhS3RuU1JpVHZ3dz09Meeting ID: 868 8931 8422         Passcode: 792780

We'll be talking especially about our 2021 trainings...

200-hour Yoga Certification
300-hour Advanced Yoga Certification
Bones for Life / Movement Intelligence
Healing Touch

...and open too to answer questions about any of our weekly drop-in classes.

Who knows what new vision of life might come in taking the first step forward...into life's richness.

Brian Shircliff
program director

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feels different?

Do a lot of things feel differently to you too?

Changing of traditions, changing of structures, changing what's important.

I suspect that when we emerge from our covid-quarantine for good some time next year after the vaccines, a whole lot of life will be different.

You and I can be different too -- both now and deep into 2021. And the amazing thing is that it won't take a lot of effort with these opportunities.

Set yourself up for positive, gentle change -- discover the easy-power to create change yourself and the life you want for yourself, both now and on the other side of the covid-quarantine:

Bones for Life Immersion 1 via Zoom
learn 30 easy movement-sequences over four solid days that you can use the rest of your life (and keep the recordings forever to review...need to miss one session, no worries...we'll catch you up!)...move better, sleep better, be better by discovering your body's innate intelligence through slow, gentle movement...great for beginner-movers through long-time yoga-practitioners (who will be quite surprised how positive change can happen so quickly!)
Sun, Dec 27...from 10am - 3:30pm EDT
Fri, Jan 1...from 10am - 3:30pm EDT
Sat, Jan 2...from 10am - 3:30pm EDT
Sun, Jan 3...from 10am - 3:30pm EDT
............click here to register for Immersion 1

Already took Bones for Life Immersion 1 and want to rejoin the training so you can continue on with Cynthia Allen and me ?

Bones for Life Immersion 2 via Zoom
Saturdays: Jan 9, 16, 23, 30, Feb 6...11am - 3:30pm EDT
............click here to register for Immersion 2

New Dates for the 300-hour Advanced Yoga Training
with the new kick-off being the Bones for Life Immersion 1 on Dec 27, details above. Register for the 300-hour Advanced Yoga Training happening via Zoom, which includes Bones for Life Immersions 1 & 2 with your yoga-tuition, and an opportunity to take Healing Touch Level 1 for $100 once we offer it again in 2021. This is a bargain for the holistic breadth you'll get to spread your wings and discover what works for you and your family, friends, clients...and the depth you'll discover in your own practice/play!
reach out to me to register...text/call 513.300.5174

Want to talk?
Zoom Open House on Saturday, Dec 5 from 1 - 2pm >> join Tonia Smith and me to ask questions, find out if any of these trainings are right for you!
Meeting ID: 868 8931 8422 Passcode: 792780

Or pop into tonight's 6:15pm TIME FOR TRANCE, led by me 30-minute guided deep relaxation with Neuro Linguistic Programming ideas to help you get what you want in life, your deepest desires...$10 donation...RSVP required to keep the group small (ideally 8)...we can chat afterwards! Tonight's focus: moving through obstacles!


We're all embracing the differences with you and holding gently the possibilities for delicious life within them!

Brian Shircliff
program director

check out our documentary by clicking here and please share it with someone who needs to know that change can be fun and easy in a circle of friends! :)



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