It is quite something to be touched.  Especially in a way that demonstrates and feels like care.

It’s way more than a touch then. A touch like this can remind us we are whole, that you are whole and I am whole.

Pure gift.

Healing Touch involves touch, though we can receive benefits even when the practitioner works in the space just above one’s body.  That might seem strange, right?  Healing Touch without touch and someone can still get benefit?

And it might tip us off to some sense of our map of the Universe could be enlarged or more detailed.  I used to think things like Healing Touch were ridiculous…until a tai chi teacher told me that we could touch someone or even send someone love/energy from a distance.

“Oh, like prayer!” I thought.

Huh.  My old map of what I thought life was needed to be expanded or more detailed based on the idea from my tai chi teacher.  And that prayer could be more than reciting someone else’s words and hoping for the best.

And my map continues to grow, and I hope yours does too!  Our world needs us, our growth.

Many of you have come in and rested on our Healing Touch tables and allowed a trained practitioner or two to work with you, all of it touching safe places on your fully clothed body and only with your permission, all of it with you as the participant in charge of the session.

We welcome you to our monthly evening sessions…for your own healing/wholing or simply to learn more about all that Healing Touch offers….
Healing Touch Sessions for the Public
$20 donation for 45-minutes
tomorrow/Tuesday at 6 & 7pm…claim your spot by replying to this email


We have one session left at 6pm and one session available at 7pm.  Claim yours now!  And know we are working hard to expand our offerings too to some daytime possibilities.

What might your life look and sound and feel like with a little Healing Touch ‘care’ and an invitation to a larger and maybe even more nuanced map of all that is?

Brian Shircliff

* donations for our drop-in programs help us pay our rent, and we know $10-20 could be too much for someone…all gifts welcome, from the change you found on the sidewalk today to a check if you won the lottery…no one is ever turned away for our drop-in classes…all truly welcome!