Did you catch what Neil Theise said at yesterday’s keynote?


“When you think you know what you’re looking it, check around.  Are there other views that reveal something else?”

Most of the time, when people come to VITALITY, they know that whatever their old way was is no longer working.  Pain reminds them.

But after playing with a gentle move from Feldenkrais or Bones for Life or Capacitar’s so easy tai chi, they walk away having discovered that there could be another way.  Neil called it “flexibility of view.”

It is essentially what we do at VITALITY…we remind one another in our circle that there are infinite ways of viewing, of living, of experiencing life.

We need each other.  No one person has all the views 🙂

I hope you’re diving into the Feldenkrais Summit this weekend.  If you haven’t yet, you can still catch Neil’s talk for FREE today, all you have to do is register….

Access to the summit is completely FREE.

Just click here: https://vitality–futurelifenow.thrivecart.com/2022-unlimited-digital-access-mbfb-oto/

You will also have the opportunity to upgrade and benefit from lifetime access, live movement workshops — the Secret Sauce!!! — and other potent bonuses as well.  VITALITY benefits if you choose to upgrade too!

May we grow our flexibility of view and enjoy the bliss of life even more as a result!

Brian Shircliff