There are plenty of things that can knock us down these days.  Watching the news for too long, experiencing some slight in a relationship, letting a troubling memory from the past sit with us too long.  Even gravity can seem so poised to knock you and me down when we least expect it.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to improve your balance?

Or stand taller with ease, no matter what’s happening in your life or in the world?

Or maybe you simply want your walking — whether to your car or for exercise — to feel pleasurable, pure joy?

Well, my friends, it’s all entirely possible.

The good news about gravity is that if we know how to use it, we can grow the strongest of bones.  Bones that we can rest upon.  And my two new in-person series, one by day and one by night, can help you to explore how…and how easily:

Bones for Life® 5-week series on Tuesday mornings
10:30 – 11:45am EST
Feb 13, 20, 27 + March 5, 12
$95 for the whole series or $30 to drop-in for a single class


Feldenkrais® & Bones for Life® 4-week series on Thursday evenings
6:30 – 7:45pm EST
Feb 15, 22, 29 + March 7
$80 for the whole series or $30 to drop-in for a single class


Register by clicking here and simply paying the amount for your series and be sure you include your name (do not check Anonymous) or text/call me at 513.300.5174 to make arrangements for your check.

What is it you really want to be able to do in your life?

The longer you wait only postpones what becomes possible for you.

I made fun of my mom for more than ten years before I finally explored Bones for Life & Feldenkrais…and I marvel at how easily I could have made my life if I had only explored these gentle styles of moving and being earlier than I did.

Grateful to have jumped onboard when I finally did — am I ever!  And I hope you do too.

Brian Shircliff

* just one spot remaining for this Saturday’s Family Constellations workshop — text me at 513.300.5174 to make sure there is room!  $130, led by the wise and fun duo of Anne Bernard Becker & Paula Dunson!

* donations for our drop-in programs help us pay our rent, and we know $10-20 could be too much for someone…all gifts welcome, from the change you found on the sidewalk today to a check if you won the lottery…no one is ever turned away for our drop-in classes…all truly welcome!