At our Inner Journey this past week, Helen Buswinka and I were noticing that what we do at VITALITY is very different from other groups.

We do not have speakers or events where people just come hear people blab on.

We sit in a circle and while someone might begin a conversation, we invite everyone who wants to to speak, to talk about their experiences, to offer ideas and questions that could be pivotal to shaping the conversation.

Do we expect everyone to speak?

Of course not.  Though everyone is welcome.

And that’s how we do it differently.  We know the circle has a way of transforming us all — and might be exactly what our world needs.  It’s so easy to fall into the trap of authorities, of expecting all the ideas and leadership to come from a single person or even a panel of people.  That’s a triangle arrangement — and quickly creates a hierarchy of who is valued and how much that person is valued and why others are all too often less valued.

But in a circle, everyone is valued.  Are there still leaders?  Sure.  Of course.  Though the leaders ensure they are not dominating the conversation and see their real work as making sure all who wish are given the opportunity to speak.

Tomorrow/Saturday we celebrate a new book from our press, VITALITY buzz, bliss + books…our friend Jack Kennevan’s Conversations with Prisoners: A window into the lives of our brothers and sisters.

Open House
TOMORROW/Saturday, Jan 13
2 – 4p
we’ll honor Jack at 3p and begin a conversation

all welcome for cookies & tea/coffee

This book invites a conversation, for sure, and celebrates conversations Jack had for well over a decade with prisoners at our county jail.  Compare our prison system with other countries and it’s very quickly apparent that we as a nation have a lot of work to do to catch up.  Note this article referenced in the book, and the bipartisan support for such an idea in the US; click here to read it.

What would our world look like if we were all valued and recognized and looked in the eyes of everyone, opened our ears to everyone, allowed for the possibility that our hearts and minds might be moved and changed by all?

Let’s discover together.

Brian Shircliff

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and one week from tomorrow is our Winter Retreat, Jan 20!  details in the attachment below, and note some special offerings coming soon too!

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