How would you like to move?

What are the ways you’d like to move that have become difficult?

Well, Bones for Life® could have the remedy for you to move in the ways you’d like no matter your age.


It’s blends stability and flexibility and allows your super-intelligent nervous system to notice the differences between the two and how much of one is needed than the other…so much of this happening beneath your day-to-day noticing.

For instance, do you think about what percentage of flexibility and what percentage of stability are needed through your whole body to stand up from a chair?

Your deepest neurons in your nervous system are figuring that out — you are figuring that out at a very deep level.

Bones for Life® gives you experiences that speak that language, that speak to that level of your nervous system in ways that yoga and even my favorite tai chi do not.

Bones for Life® is steeped in developmental patterns…all the moves we made at such a young age to move from helplessness to rolling to creeping to crawling to climbing to standing and walking.  You created your nervous system with every one of these moves.  And you can continue to create your nervous system through something like Bones for Life®.

Curious?  Want to move how you want to move?

Consider joining us tomorrow/Tuesday…we have 2 more spots available if you register asap!
my next Bones for Life® series
5 total sessions: Oct 3, 10, 17, 24, 31…Tuesdays from 10:30 – 11:45am EDT
class size limited to 8 people! 
register: $101 for the series payable by clicking here

Reach out if you want to chat about how Bones for Life® might help you to do all you want to do with your life.  Give yourself a pleasant surprise!

Brian Shircliff