It’s been gorgeous here in the Ohio River Valley.

But not everywhere on the planet, I know.  Our world is a harsh and tragic place for many of our fellow humans.

What can we do?

There are huge powers at play, of course.  There are systems of the-way-it-is that we’ve inherited that make little sense now, if they ever did.  And you and I alone seem so small in these massive and often unkind systems, for sure.

But what would happen if more and more of us began standing taller, continued discovering more and easier ways to be on the planet, began standing more and more every day in our authenticity, began sharing that vision for human life?

It is what we do in Bones for Life®.  And it’s THE BEST movement system and philosophy I’ve found yet…and I’ve gone seeking for decades.

Why do I think it’s the best…better than yoga, better than my beloved tai chi, better than all my shenanigans at the gym and in the pool?

Because it stimulates your own very deep intelligence used for standing and walking and improves those systemic movement patterns in deep and gentle ways that make sense to nervous systems on this gravity-rich planet.

Bones for Life® has improved my yoga/meditation, my tai chi, my weightlifting, my swimming streamline, my golf…and has definitely made my walking a pleasure.

Bones for Life® invites curiosity, play, wonder…and so much of what might be needed to begin a revolution of tenderness, of self-love and love for others on this amazing planet Earth.

If we stood tall and looked into each other’s eyes more often, would life on this planet would be much more interesting?

And in that standing tall with ease and authenticity, might we all discover together new ways that make more sense for equally cherishing the lives of our neighbors on this amazing planet Earth?

We have three drop-in opportunities this month to check out Bones for Life® before our next series begins at the end of this month…hope you’ll consider exploring with us.

Bones for Life® drop-in sessions
hosted by Brian Shircliff

this Wed, Nov 8
Tues, Nov 14
Fri, Nov 24

all of them from 10:30 – 11:45am ET

RSVP required — very limited spots in our new space
so reply to this email to guarantee your spot

$20 donation*

What might your life and mine look and sound and feel like if we knew better our own standing tall with ease, knew better our own authentic voices?

Sometimes it’s the slightest difference that makes the biggest difference…that welcomes an entire phase transition….

Brian Shircliff

* donations for our drop-in programs help us pay our rent, and we know $10-20 could be too much for someone…all gifts welcome, from the change you found on the sidewalk today to a check if you won the lottery…no one is ever turned away for our drop-in classes…all truly welcome!