Last week we welcomed 25 people from around the world — Australia, Great Britain, Japan, Norway, all over the US — to Cincinnati for the Bones for Life® Teacher Training sponsored by Future Life Now…the group who certified me about 8-9 years ago. We convened at Hueston Woods, where I captured this amazing sunset below.

I got to meet each one of these 25 people via Zoom to share Bones for Life® the past few years and what a gift to get to know them in person.

They are brilliant teachers sharing this brilliant work. Each week I teach on Zoom or in person, I become more and more amazed at what Bones for Life® makes possible in making bigger moves in life.

What moves do you want to make? Want to walk without pain? Hike again? Hit the golf ball further and straighter with ease? Play pickle ball? Be able to get up and down from the floor with ease to play with your kids or grandkids?

Bones for Life® offers gentle and easy processes through which to upgrade your ability to do just about anything with more ease on this gravity-rich planet. I don’t usually offer drop-in classes for Bones for Life®, though tomorrow I’m offering one for you to discover if it’s right for you to consider joining the next series of classes:


Bones for Life® drop-in sessions
hosted by Brian Shircliff
tomorrow/Tues, Nov 14
Fri, Nov 24
10:30 – 11:45am ET
RSVP required — very limited spots in our new space
so reply to this email to guarantee your spot
$20 donation*

And remember too that our monthly in-person journaling is also…

Inner Journey with Helen Buswinka
6:30pm (finish by 8pm)
by donation: $10 – 20 suggested*, all welcome

We have all the materials you’ll need, just bring you and your curiosity! Zero experience required…you’re likely to feel at home whether you are beginner or a seasoned writer/contemplative.

How important is it that we make moves toward health? Look ahead in your life — one year from now, five years from now — about what healthy habits might help you to bloom into even more health and vitality…Bones for Life® and journaling might be just what you need.

Make your moves before the sun goes down again…

Brian Shircliff

* donations for our drop-in programs help us pay our rent, and we know $10 could be too much for someone…all gifts welcome, from the change you found on the sidewalk today to a check if you won the lottery…no one is ever turned away for our drop-in classes…all truly welcome!