Well, friends, we’ve found our way into our new home. It feels good.

There are a few small things to move in but it’s feeling more and more like home. As you might notice from the photos here, we’ve brought along a number of things from our past homes.

It will feel better once we all begin gathering in the space and creating together again.

And what is it we create?


Whether those possibilities are for improved health, being able to walk again with ease, putting on the page one’s heart’s desires and musings, moving playfully and in ways that relieve stress, (re)discovering one’s Wholeness within the big Whole of the planet, the universe.

Or way more than that.

Maybe our gathering together in this new space will invite us to all to dream up even more and larger possibilities.

Well, we continue that journey tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug 1 with our Healing Touch sessions at 6pm and 7pm. You get 45-minutes on a massage table where you’ll remain clothed and, with your permission, trained volunteers will use their hands in a heart-centered way to welcome calm…all of it going back to the wisdom of the nurses who created Healing Touch for pain-relief and anxiety-relief. Your $20 donation for the session helps us to pay the rent and share Healing Touch all around our region.

We have two appointments remaining at 7pm — reply to this email to claim yours!

Can’t make it but want to support us and our new beginning? Consider purchasing a book from our growing library of VITALITY buzz, bliss + books! Your purchase pays authors and artists a fair wage for their creativity and contributes to growing VITALITY. Click here to discover those books, those possibilities.

There’s a lot we can discover together in our circle. Come, find your place.

And as I used to remind my fellow high school teachers and students in August every year, happy new year!

Happy Newness of Life!

Brian Shircliff

PS Save the date for our Grand Opening Party in our new space…Saturday, Sept 9 from 2 – 4pm!