We’re moving!  A whole floor!
Into a much more open space by the front door!
We’ve all loved this Dillard Center building and community since we began offering yoga classes here in 2015 with Health & Wellness Wednesdays, funded by a neighborhood grant from Interact for Health.

The past few years when I walked past this office space, I had an inkling we’d move in sometime — so much natural light, open floor plan, neighbors on the sidewalk looking in and becoming curious about us and what we’re offering…like VITALITY 1.0 in Norwood.

We made so many friends ten years there in Norwood, and then transitioned to VITALITY 2.0 on Zoom and in parks during the early years of the pandemic, and then moved into the Dillard Center to share space with Future Life Now…VITALITY 3.0…where we got a sense for what post(?)pandemic meet-ups could be like.  Future Life Now and VITALITY have been friends for years, and their move to more global, online offerings helped us to grow so much through the pandemic.

Into this 4.0 adventure, Future Life Now is coming along with us too to share the new space…while our VITALITY offerings are a little bit of Zoom and normally a lot of in-person, Future Life Now has become a lot of Zoom with a little bit of in-person with their worldwide outreach.

It’s a good match!

And the wise are figuring out we need both in-person and Zoom to thrive, to become all we can.

In person we get all the benefits of a circle with those brief though vital one-on-one conversations while we chat over tea during a break, when putting our shoes on, in the parking lot, with a helpful cue from the class-leader that might not have been able to viewed on Zoom…those little things that make the biggest differences in life, right?

And on Zoom we can connect with the larger world in real time — I love that — but maybe even more importantly we can plant those holistic self-care learnings in our own homes, on our own floor or bed or at our kitchen table.  Those lovely experiences we used to just have in studios like ours in Norwood can now blossom in our own homes…and make it more likely that we’ll try it again the next day in our home, either on one’s own or through a recording.

Both…and.  Maybe that’s what the pandemic gifted us?

Well, our first offering in the new space will be Tuesday, Aug 1 with a special round of 45-minute Healing Touch sessions at 6 or 7 pm, $20 requested and RSVP required.  Sign ups are likely to go fast, so get yours by replying to this email.

And through this Wednesday, you can always join me and Future Life Now friends with the recordings of the Bones for Life Zoom Livecast we held the past two weeks…plant an idea in your home!  And consider joining us for Immersion 1 beginning the week of Aug 13…sign-ups for these Zoom offerings are open and fill quickly:

click here to get access to those recordings and info on these Bones for Life Immersions via Zoom


Both…and.  Yes, our world is a big place to discover, ever-growing for all who have eyes and ears and hearts and intelligent nervous systems with which to sense and play.  May we choose well, according to our bliss, the one only you can discover and know.

Brian Shircliff