Today at 10am EST I will share two easy and gentle processes that have helped people with neck and back aches, shoulder issues, foot and ankle issues, knee issues.

How could two easy things help with so much?

Because Bones for Life® uses a “system-approach”…a “family-therapy” approach.  That is to say, it’s not the fault of the cranky teenager that they won’t clean their room or look you in the eye and tell you what’s in their heart.  That’s a whole family matter, as I learned well as a high school teacher and coach.

That aching knee or neck or whatever is aching hurts you not so much because of it alone but how you use the rest of yourself, how your “family” or “system” or “whole self” is organized.

Probably won’t make much sense until you feel it for yourself….

And it will make your walking a pleasure, something to delight in!

Come find out more, but you’d better register by 9am if you’re going to join us live. Otherwise you’ll need to catch up on the replay.

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Could Bones for Life® be just what you are looking for to live a life of VITALITY?

Brian Shircliff