Sometimes we have to think things are ridiculous before we can appreciate them.

Has that been true in your life too?

As you probably know, I made fun of my mom for her silly Bouncing on Heels, her strategy fifteen years ago to improve her walking.

And as you might know, this series of moves and ways of sensing oneself to improve one’s inner alignment is a strategy in Bones for Life® to ward off osteoporosis and all kinds of health issues.

Walking well on this gravity-rich planet is the one thing every study points to as helpful in building strong bones.  And these little Bones for Life® bounces help us humans discover an inner alignment that might be just what your bones are craving.

Well, I made fun of my mom for those silly bounces.  And now I teach Bones for Life® for a living.  And I love it.

What led to that change — that significant change — in my attitude about Bones for Life®?

Well, find out for yourself.

Hopefully you’ll be smarter than me and not wait 15 years to find out for yourself.  Bones for Life® got me out of pain in 5 minutes.  Why did I wait so long?

With all the holistic studies I’ve undertaken, Bones for Life® is by far the smartest.  One of its keys is reminding us to sense oneself to make change.  The participant is in charge in Bones for Life®, not the teacher.

I’m offering two opportunities to learn more:
purchase a package of 75-minute classes for $45
three Tuesdays from 10:30 – 11:45am EST: July 11, July 25, Aug 1
location: 791 E McMillan St, Cincinnati 45206
only 7 spots available, reply to this email to register

Via Zoom
free three-day Livecast with Future Life Now, all at 10am EST,
join live or by replay (for a limited time)
July 12 – How Dynamic Posture Decreases Fall Risk
July 13  – The Roots of Healthy Walking
July 18 – The Nitty Gritty of Bone Health: Arthritis to Osteoporosis
click here to register for one or all three of the Livecast


Could Bones for Life® be just what you are looking for to live a life of VITALITY?

Discover if these little bounces might be far more powerful in your life than you’ve ever realized…

Brian Shircliff

PS Stay tuned about some exciting news about our new location!