One of the things we know we all need is to eat.

When Mike Eck decided to leave his tech sales profession, he left with an interest in making sure everyone eats and eats well, especially with food grown locally.

He also had an interest in growing jobs that grew food locally.

Did he have some glimmer that a whole gleaning network could be born in Southwest Ohio?

I guess you’ll have to ask him today.

Whatever the case, through Mike’s ingenuity and passion, Sue Plummer was hired to organize gleaning.  Sue gathers volunteers who harvest food from farms — food that would ordinarily go to waste.  And it’s farm-fresh food, beautiful, highly nutritious, and delicious.  Those volunteers deliver the food to local soup kitchens and food pantries and La Soupe to be immediately turned into food to feed people for whom farm fresh food would not be possible.  And thanks to Mike, the whole thing is now funded by a national organization, the Society of St. Andrew.

If you haven’t seen our documentary yet, please do check it out by clicking here.

We’re talking thousands upon thousands of pounds a year!

We invite you to a feast today and to hear the inspiring story…

today Sat, May 27…
The Inaugural VITALLY Wild Poetry Party
& Salute to Mike Eck, VITALITY co-founder

special lunch-potluck party
at Gorman Heritage Farm
10052 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241

12 – 1:15pm ET — potluck

1:15 – 2:45pm — honoring Mike Eck for his many contributions to VITALITY, recognizing the bestsellers of, and an invitation to read a poem you wrote or you like, all invited to enjoy listening or sharing

What is feeding you that might feed another and another too?

Brian Shircliff