One of the deadliest forces on the planet is a human being who thinks the world, their body, or even the Universe is a collection of parts.

A nervous system — brain, nerves, and the estimated 100 trillion synapses in a human being who walks the planet — can’t exist for long without lungs and heart and stomach and every organ imaginable.

And a nervous system that wants to move must grow and develop a body that can move…bones and muscles that not only work together but are together. Where do you separate muscle from bone? At the tendon? At the ligament? This is more of that ‘parting’ things up to try to make sense of the whole creature…often with not-so-happy consequences.

No muscle or bone can move without a nervous system, those 100 trillion synapses!

No living organ or tissue of any sort within a human body is separate from another tissue…especially considering all the internal-tubes that feed a human body so many things.

What is it that anatomist Tom Myers says…that without a knife there is only one muscle in the human body. All that anatomist lingo about naming this one the ‘quadriceps’ and that one the ‘gluteus maximus’ can be misleading if we forget that when one muscle moves, every muscle moves. And what directed the movement…? What sensed the context of the movement and responded to that context, that environment?

Ever have an experience of yourself when you felt the wholeness of yourself?

Ever have an experience of yourself as a Whole Person within the Whole of the Universe…an ecstatic-glimpse of THE ALL?

Tell me about it please! I’ve been writing a book on ecstatic-experience for almost a year now and would love — would be ecstatic — to hear your story!

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ ideas have helped me a lot to know myself differently, as a whole.

With the Feldenkrais Method and Movement Intelligence, we explore experiences that invite a whole awareness of oneself. It might take a few experiences to figure out how what we’re saying here and inviting here is probably different from your yoga class or your boot camp or your walking group…unless you all conceive of a human being as a whole and as a whole creature within a whole universe.

After all, the seemingly separate molecule of oxygen that sails into me and becomes me for a time leaves me and joins a plant and then maybe another creature or plant and then spins through the air and sails into you and becomes you for a time.

With a holistic understanding, is there such a thing then as a separate molecule of oxygen when it’s inside of you and later inside of me? Are you and I even separate creatures or are we alive within a Living Whole?

Consider joining our holistic experiences of moving-breathing-resting and discover if your ways of knowing yourself and the Universe / One-Verse grow….

Peace, friends!
Brian Shircliff

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