We humans have plenty of ways to mark time.

Holidays of all sorts, birthdays, rituals…even clocks. We all have our own orbits, our own pathways to mark something as special, changing, different from before…how we change with time.

The sun, the moon, and the Earth have their own ways of marking time in their relationships with one another. Light and darkness, and how they swim into and out of each other.

I’ve been amazed lately by the intense bed-time darkness at 6pm! Maybe you have too as we’ve tumbled toward darkness…these darkest nights of the year in the northern hemisphere of our planet Earth.

And in just a few days, all of that changes again…we find ourselves marinating in a few more minutes of light each day, for months. What’s a month…? A *moonth*…those 28-day cycles more dependable than our own calendar.

Whether we notice or not, whether we mark this change or not, change is happening.

What will you do to dance with it?

Will you mamba, tango, pirouette, hip-hop, jump, two-step? Will you do as Lorca noted of the 80 year old lady who stomped only the last beat of the flamenco to win the competition against the teens and twenty-year-olds in all their youthful beauty and sultry, limber moves? Will you twirl wildly in your own orbit, moving to some ecstatic invitation that seems only you recognize, that something that captures you…the duende that Lorca so sagely described?

Will you let the breeze move you, as you participate with your breath?

Will you sit?

What will you do?

Consider gathering with us for our annual Winter Solstice journaling and conversation this Tuesday, Dec 21 at 6:30pm via Zoom. Penny Costilla has led this gathering for 10 years now already, and you’re most welcome to join us. Reply to this email for the Zoom link.

What will your pen dance onto the page for you that might have some important meaning for you?

Come, let’s find out! Set yourself up right in this new season marking itself out with emerging light.

Brian Shircliff