I’ve found myself rather reflective, cleaning out old boxes and amazed at what was in there, dreaming — and remembering — very wild nightdreams, staring into space and finding myself amazed at what comes about this year.  Each one had been difficult the last few months to bring forward into awakening.  At least until now.

Yes, it is a new year.  Even more so, I think, a new season, back to the changing of the guard…darkness switching with light.  What we began at the solstice pinnacle.

With Healing Touch we practice many ways of beginning again, of allowing wind and life to find Its way into places in need of newness, of learning to be with oneself with the gentle assistance of another.

It’s quite profound what is possible with something so simple as gentle touch.

And there’s no magic about it, no attunement from a master necessary.  Healing Touch reminds us very democratically that we all are healers, wholers, WHOLE.

Perhaps this is the year you’ll consider finding out for yourself…

either by taking a Level 1…a few spots still available for the Jan 15-16 class though you must register by this Thurs, Jan 6!

or by finding out what Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation is broadcasting, even forecasting through this year of fun…and I contributed a piece to it so please consider checking it out…the bridge and perhaps even new paradigm that encompasses Healing Touch, Feldenkrais, massage, meditation, all of it…


If you register for this series through this affiliate link, VITALITY earns half of the registration fee which we’ll put toward Healing Touch scholarships, our Peter Buswinka Healing Touch Fund.

Could your life be transformed by simply becoming aware of your own touch…the power that every human being can offer their own selves and one another?

Let’s find out even more, friends.  There’s always more…!

Happy New.

Brian Shircliff