You know how I love to share Feldenkrais and Bones for Life and Healing Touch, but today I want to introduce you to something a little bit different.

Retrain the Brain for Success:

January 13, 18 and 20
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It’s easy to set a goal for the future, but maybe not so simple to reach it. Why?

Join Larry Wells, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer/Consultant in this free series as he demonstrates how vital it is to enhance or replace maps that no longer lead you to success.

He will also cover four common thought errors that lead to nowhere. These are errors that most therapeutic and coaching approaches make and can actually keep you (or your clients) stuck.

This series is offered by Future Life Now. I am just pleased to share it with you…why, you might ask?  Because I trained with Larry as an NLP practitioner two years ago and grew so, so much.

As a matter of fact, I entered the training stuck on a writing project — actually mired in a few problems of the text I was writing, a translation of an old text.

And within a single process with Larry, all of that changed.  He led me through some simple visualization, I thought it was kind of silly but I felt better, we went on a short break, I made tea, and before the kettle had boiled, I needed to run into the other room to write down all these ideas that flooded my imagination about how I could move forward in writing that book.

It became The Naked Path of Prophet — two volumes released last year and already working on the 3rd!

Join Larry this week…the life of your desires is waiting so close by…waiting for you!

Brian Shircliff