Could it be possible that small, gentle movement could change your whole way of life?

Using the ideas of the person who helped invent radium with the Curies, invented SONAR during World War 2, started judo in Europe, spoke nine languages fluently, and injured his knee so badly he could no longer walk, and using these easy-to-learn ideas walked!  Moshe Feldenkrais and his student Ruthy Alon who created Movement Intelligence®

The Feldenkrais Method

Can your body change positively in a split second?
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Since 2015, we have offered two Basic Certification classes in Movement Intelligence / Bones for Life . . . and we are so excited to announce that VITALITY is partnering with Cynthia Allen at Future Life Now to offer a full Bones for Life Teacher Certiifcation opportunity, plus a taste of Walk for Life (basic certification).

Movement Intelligence — which includes Bones for Life & Walk for Life — was created by Ruthy Alon to restore our joints to innocence so that we might more readily and easily build bone health through walking. Study after study reveals that walking is the best exercise we can offer ourselves — and the ONLY thing that all studies point to as critical in building bone health and preventing osteoporosis.

Ruthy Alon was a longtime student of Moshe Feldenkrais. She uses his ideas of slow, gentle movement to change the ways our brain organizes the complex relationships in our body between bone, muscle, connective tissue — our whole selves.

Future Life Now Certification

learn gentle, easy, stress-relieving things you can do to restore your joints — and your life — to innocence


multi-generational classes where you can walk-in anytime — no prior knowledge needed — teenagers to centenarians!