I delight in watching my nephews and friends’ and family’s kids grow.

In a recent conversation with a friend, she mentioned how going for a walk in her neighborhood as an adult is fine.  It can be lovely, maybe noticing one new flower or exhilarating in movement.  The whole experience might take 20 minutes, and then we’re off to the next thing on the list.

But, as she went on to say, walk with a toddler within an even smaller area and be led to two hours of wonder.

Every little bug, every stick that needs to be picked up and poked playfully at something, every dog that needs to be talked to and petted, every flower to be touched and sniffed, every breeze that stirs up the leaves and trash in such chase-worthy ways.

The toddler notices so much for the first time, delights in it, is curious about it.

Some say that this is the heart of the Feldenkrais Method and Bones for Life…a curiosity discovered within oneself, all at first guided by a friend’s gentle voice but then….voom…you’re off on your own world of discovery.

Last week I told you about the power of the Powers cousins with Kyle’s new book being released this week, a book so playfully and beautifully illustrated by Katie Brobst.  Rodney the Rhino Just Can’t Win. 

But Rodney does win.  Rodney does.  And so can we when we follow his wisdom and discover a curiosity for something and follow it as far it playfully leads us.

We hope you’ll consider purchasing it and reading it and sharing it with someone you love, kid or adult.  Purchases benefit the authors and VITALITY — we share the profits.  VITALITY’s portion gets put back into our sharing holistic self-care opportunities around Cincinnati/N. Kentucky and around the world with Zoom.

And we encourage you to purchase VITALITY’s kids’ book bundle and get
Rodney the Rhino Just Can’t Win
by Kyle Powers & Katie Brobst

Adventures of Hope: A New Family for Hopi
by Shannon M. Petree, True J. Knowles, & Jessi Journey

With You in Our Dreams…a reading & coloring book for all ages
by Mike Eck & Claire Long

Buy the bundle and save $8.88!

May we all be delighted in something wonderful today.  And become children all over again, even for one curiously beautiful moment.

Brian Shircliff

PS…Sat, May 27 is getting closer and closer…

The Inaugural VITALLY Wild Poetry Awards
& Salute to Mike Eck, VITALITY co-founder

special lunch-potluck party
at Gorman Heritage Farm, 12 – 3pm ET
(what a place to be delighted!)
all welcome!  RSVP appreciated!