Happy Mothers’ Day!

Mother.  Mom.  Mama.  Ma.

It’s a day we give thanks to those who birthed us and nurtured us into life when we were helpless.  Someone who got us through it….

Most other mammals stand and walk within minutes of birth.  For humans, it’s another whole year and more before that happens.

We are born entirely helpless.

We cannot feed ourselves, clean ourselves, protect ourselves.

Someone else had to do all of that for us.  And, yes, we learned to take on those projects day by day, over a span of years.

All other mammals do too of course, though they seem much more ready than we humans are.  We who are born helpless eventually have the most complex nervous systems of all mammals.  Remarkable, really.

Without someone in our life in those early years, we would’ve died quickly.

And so today we salute and celebrate all who not only birthed us but also kept us alive, got us through those precarious early days of life.

I love my mom very much and enjoy being with her (dad too!), and I know not everyone has that relationship with their parents.  Perhaps we can find gratitude for all who birthed us into life and all who got us through it, who helped us to arrive to the moment when we could care for ourselves and make choices for ourselves about how we care for ourselves.  How we learn to love ourselves….

It takes a village, the old saying goes.  And such growth never really stops, right?

Perhaps you’re feeling the nudge for some self-care for yourself, some gentle love for yourself?  You could make that choice for yourself…the power is all yours now.

Tuesday is our monthly opportunity to come in and explore a Healing Touch session for yourself.  Healing Touch was begun by nurses in hospitals for pain-relief and anxiety-relief.  It’s lovely and loving.

We have a 5:30pm and a 6:30pm session available.  $20 donation requested.  Reply to this email to reserve your spot.

Would a 45-minute relaxation session while you rest clothed on a comfy massage table and a well-trained friend or two nurtures you be some simple self-care you’re looking for?  To come to know even more your power for change and love and nurturing in our shared village on this amazing planet Earth?

Brian Shircliff

PS…we’re inching closer to Sat, May 27…
The Inaugural VITALLY Wild Poetry Awards
& Salute to Mike Eck, VITALITY co-founder

special lunch-potluck party
at Gorman Heritage Farm, 12 – 3pm ET
all welcome!  RSVP appreciated!