The pandemic did a doozy to us.  Still is.

I’ve written about it here before for sure.  But each day I’m struck more and more by how much it has changed the ways we live.

I talked with a gentleman yesterday who manages a parking lot of a downtown gym.  He said the lot used to be full by day, empty by night.

But now it’s empty by day, full at night.  And not so much for the gym as for the bar and restaurant nearby.

Working from home, working less, working…?

I know my life was changed from working only in person to most of it now by Zoom.

I miss much of the banter with clients and friends between classes and sessions, those little conversations while people put their shoes on or cleaned their cup from the tea we shared.

But I do love the international capabilities of Zoom…to be able to have experiences of moving and breathing and resting together, in real time, with new friends all over the world, each of us in the comfort of our homes.  It seems revolutionary, really.  Somatic explorations are revolutionary, after all…they invite us to revisit moves that we made as babies and toddlers.  And something about that revisiting in gentle and easy ways can return us to innocence…a time long before the grave stresses we adults experience routinely.

When we were babies and toddlers, we faced the challenge of confronting the greatest force of our lives…gravity.  No one on the planet gets around it…but we can find clever ways to stand up in all that we can be.  Bones.  Standing up in relationship with gravity develops our bones.

After teaching Feldenkrais and Bones for Life via Zoom most days, I usually like to head to a coffeshop to remind myself that we humans have dimension, that we are not only in our little Zoom-rectangles.  Sometimes I strike up conversions with strangers who become friends. But that’s not so easy anymore either.  Buds often in, wrapped in our own music, our own podcast, our own show.  Even in an afternoon coffeeshop.


Change can be hard.

Well, there’s great opportunity with change too.  I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to embrace every opportunity to upgrade my nervous system, my whole self.  Language studies, taking more walks both for bone-health and for marinating in new seasons, more Feldenkrais and Bones for Life movement classes, reading books outside my usual peripheries…my curiosity is getting piqued.

Why not, right?

As one of my dear clients reminds me, “If not now, when?”

Well, our friends at Future Life Now with whom we share so much Bones for Life are offering a challenge that begins tomorrow/Saturday, May 6.

I’m looking forward to it and hope you’ll join me with friends all over the world to discover together what is possible.  Maybe you’re curious too…about how Slowcould be the new Fast?


Join in and find out.

The Summit this year costs only $10, with the opportunity to upgrade.  I upgraded because it gave me access to some very cool ‘best of’ presentations from previous summits.  VITALITY has always committed to sharing with you affordable opportunities for self-care, for change.

What are you discovering is possible for you with this new opportunity, this new era of human life on this beautiful Earth?

Brian Shircliff