We had a light dusting of snow yesterday morning.

And in just a few hours Spring begins here.  A new season.

It’s not anything new, though, right?  We’ve had snows even into April in the Ohio River Valley.

Those early February and March blasts of 70° F weather always tease us here.

But the birds seem to know, even with these chilly temps we’ve had, that something is upon us.  Their lazy, playful song disappeared in the deep Winter, even on warmer days.  But now, even in the cooler air, the birds sing their positively lazy, joyful song.  They know.

I suspect the worms and nematodes know too, vibrantly doing their slow, lazy work, their life, their survival and ours, their luxuriating in the goodness of creating life below the surface of Earth.  I’m certainly grateful they do their thing.  I like to eat fruit and vegetables thanks to their involvement in making that process possible churning death into life and tunneling places where water and air can flow.  Worms and nematodes know too.  Something new is about to happen, this springing into a different step of life, this new season.

And you?  You know too surely.  You and I can look on a calendar and say, yes, today begins a new season.  Or we Google when it begins.  We know from past years that we will soon descend into a world of plentiful color, flowers of so many sorts in the Northern Hemisphere, leaves changing colors — even slightly — in the Southern Hemisphere.  The photo below is from last year, a memory I have of Spring in Cincinnati.

We know from memory, from calendars.  But the worms and nematodes and birds know in other ways too.  They might remember too in some way…though I expect they know in ways we humans could too if we gave ourselves permission to sense more deeply, more lazily, luxuriating in all that life in this moment offers, noticing the subtle, ever-changing differences.  That’s what a nervous system does, no matter the creature.

Would you like your eyes and ears and heart to be just a little more tuned in, perhaps into something the worms and nematodes and birds know?

There is something ‘deeper’ that can be known.  We gravitate toward people who have that gleam in their eye, or we’re at least a bit curious about them, right?

Our monthly Healing Touch public sessions are tomorrow, Tuesday, March 21…
one spot available at 5:30pm ET + one spot at 6:30pm ET
at our Walnut Hills Center
791 E McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45206

$20 donation requested for the 45-minute appt
where trained volunteers simply place their hands on your body
or above your body in gentle, easy ways
as you rest fully clothed on a massage table

claim your spot by replying to this email!

Come meet a friend with whom you can gleam and know together through the simplest, lightest touch that life springs forward with abundance, full of color, renewed air, and possibility!

Brian Shircliff

PS  Or maybe you’re ready to sign up to take a Level 1 class…April 29-30 with Stephanie Beck Borden!  Very limited spots available!