The gift of a good party is that you don’t really know what will happen.

Sure, the party host can plan a few things, provide some hospitality, etc.  But when it comes down to it, the gift of a good party is its unpredictability.

What will be the sentence that everyone busts out with laughter in reaction?

What will be the sentence that silences everyone gratefully, that draws forward that gleam in every single eye?

Such deep knowings.

When we began in 2010, we gathered in a living room every week or so and dreamed together.  Some relatives and friends of those gathered even said that ‘VITALITY’ — our dreams — could not be done.

But here we are in 2023 celebrating our 13th year, and wondering what the wind will call us to next.

Mike Eck was there in that living room.  And the dreams he brought to life were just ideas in 2010.  And now we celebrate him as the one who began gleaning in Southwest Ohio…a dream and reality that has created jobs and fed thousands of people farm-fresh food that would have gone to waste if volunteers had not gleaned it and brought it to gourmet chefs at La Soupe and food pantries and soup kitchens to turn into nutritious meals.

Mike is also now a published author, a poet, something he readily tells people he never dreamed in 2010.  Check out the poem & coloring book he and his friend Claire Long created in 2021.  With You in Our Dreams.  Yes.  The photo below is from their celebration.  Another party, another unexpected gift.

Our Board had a small celebration of Mike’s 13 years of service to VITALITY’s Board as he ‘retires’ to dream up more and more good ideas.  We hope you’ll join us to celebrate Mike at a bigger gathering — mark your calendar now please:

Sat, May 27
The Inaugural VITALLY Wild Poetry Awards
& Salute to Mike Eck, VITALITY co-founder

special lunch-potluck party
at Gorman Heritage Farm, 12 – 3pm ET
all welcome!

Come read your own poem and we’ll celebrate you.  Or invite a poet to read a poem and we’ll celebrate them.  Or come and simply enjoy!

Perhaps you feel called to join the journaling-circle tonight.  Penny is our host, and she has a special way of inviting everyone to dream and wonder and even create.  Hope you’ll consider joining us at 6:30 pm ET via Zoom:
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 865 0104 9196
Passcode: 215933

Life is a party and you never know what gift might show up…!

Brian Shircliff