The crickets sing me to sleep at night and sing me into my mornings.

I arose this morning with their sound and wanted immediately to get out there with them, in these cooler mornings that late summer bring.

But I felt kind of twisted and crunched.  Must have slept kind of funny with that wild dream I had.  Hmmm.  What could I do to make that walk feel better?

Well, I remembered there were some short, free Feldenkrais lessons available through this week’s Move Better Feel Better Summit so I tried one and 15 minutes later — voilà — I stood up so tall and felt so much better.

Out I went to join the sounds of the crickets and explore what this new day in the Great Outdoors might offer me…and what I might offer this day.

Hope you’ve registered for the Move Better Feel Better Summit — it’s free, it’s online, it’s a wonderful way to remember that the Earth is round and massively large and at the same time small in this internet age where we can Zoom with so many all around our world.

I’ll be on with Lavinia Plonka and Violet van Hees TODAY at 6pm EDT as we enjoy a LIVE conversation about the Great Outdoors and Feldenkrais and many things!  Hope you’ll join us:


And hope you get a taste of the forest tea Duncan is offering today with the Summit!

Brian Shircliff

PS…save the date for VITALITY’s 12th anniversary potluck-party on Sun, Sept 25 at 12:30pm at Gorman Farm!  More details coming 🙂

And another PS…I’m thrilled to be included with the Summit this year as you’ll see through the images below.  VITALITY is an affiliate for this event. If you register with the link above and purchase the upgrade at some point, VITALITY may be paid a small commission for referring you. I share this incredible event because it is an incredible opportunity to grow and learn — and help VITALITY to grow too!  Please share it with friends too!