We’re in the midst of a light rainstorm as I write this.  It’s lovely, and thankfully easing the heat and thankfully at a rate that the ground can more easily absorb, much different from what our neighbors have been experiencing the past couple of weeks.  Our neighbors have been on my mind so much these days.  I sense them, even from a distance.  Maybe you too?  It calls me back to helping with the flood recovery in Newtown in 1997.  Memories, textures of sensing.

This morning, I heard the sound and had to go out into it, to be surrounded by that sound, to feel it on my skin, this sound.

My farmer friends tell me that rainwater is better for plants than hosewater — that each one nourishes a plant much differently.  Both feel wet to me, so that makes me curious.  What am I missing?  Am I really sensing all that I can?

The rainwater this morning felt delicious, unpredictable — it came at different rates than my shower.  Maybe that’s something of what these farmers mean.  Maybe a different temperature too?

Maybe there’s more to sensing the goodnesses of this life than I think I know.

And the other day, these photos above reminding me, these flowers and their precise shadows — intriguing to me, these different ways of seeing.

We have three (re)new(ing) opportunities coming up, opportunities that invite new ways of sensing…

12:15 Sit-and-Breathe
wherever you are at 12:15pm EST join in a little sit-and-breathe  and sense…and know neighbors all over the world are doing the same, whether from our circle or other circles, monastic and more…

it’s not led, it’s not on Zoom, though every now and then you might catch one of us on facebook LIVE inviting you and more and more to join…

once VITALITY has a permanent space again, we’ll welcome people into our space for this too!

what will your life look and feel and sound like if you sit for a few minutes every day and simply feel the lifeforce coming and going so dependably?

busy at 12:15? just sit a few minutes before or after and know others are joining you whenever and wherever we all are, all over the planet, all through the Universe, the One-Verse.

Healing Touch Level 1
Mary Duennes and Stephanie Beck Borden are tag-teaming this brilliant class again, Sept 10-11…we have only 8 spots, so don’t delay…click here for details

Evan celebrates Milford
Poet Evan Underbrink celebrates his new book with friends from around the world on Sat, Aug 13 at 4pm EST.  All are welcome!

During his one-year stay at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, Evan wrote about a poem a day.  Fascinating what unwinds within him as he senses more deeply his life in contemplation.  What might he inspire within you?

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 859 1838 7057
Passcode: 140332

And how about you?  Tell me what you’re sensing, what you’re discovering…it might be precisely what our human world needs to grow on this planet Earth together!  Let me into even more of life’s goodnesses.

Brian Shircliff