I am incredibly excited to announce that I’ll be a panelist for September’s Move Better, Feel Better Summit: Feldenkrais® Awareness 2022 on the third day, Sept 17!!  And VITALITY-friend & inspiring author Krista Powers is a speaker!!

This event will help you recognize the roots and causes of anxiety, find new ways to experience the world around you, unleash creativity and ease in your body, bump your happiness with exhilarating movements and so much more.

It’s a 10-day virtual event featuring 3-4 talks each day with 53 empowering expert speakers and will cover new and niche topics such as:

  • Sexuality and how it affects self-image
  • Tai-chi for arthritis taught by a world-renowned expert
  • Reducing anxiety and increasing freedom within Feldenkrais
  • Open the great outdoors through somatic explorations like kayaking, hiking, cycling and forest bathing — where I’ll be a panelist!
  • Feldenkrais and letter writing, gardening and fiber arts

It’s a jam-packed event that’ll be bursting at the seams with information – and it’s 100% free to attend!

Plus, each day’s replays will be available for 48 hours after the event for you to catch up and complete on your own time (if you’d prefer).

If you’d like to support this cause and check out this 10-day event, starting September 15th,

just click here:  https://vitality–futurelifenow.thrivecart.com/2022-unlimited-digital-access-mbfb-oto/

Life changing goodness!

Brian Shircliff

“I would like to thank you, deeply! for this summit which has been a beautiful, wonderful discovery for me. Thanks for your way of guiding it, for your wisdom, your listening, and for your rich questions and exchanges in each of the tracks … I have already felt subtle changes or acuity in perception; not only physical but also personal, and cognitive. Some kind of shift in my way of being and engaging within reality.” – Ana

What will you discover this September?

Note: VITALITY is an affiliate for this event. If you purchase the upgrade at some point, VITALITY may be paid a small commission for referring you. I share this incredible event because it is an incredible opportunity to grow and learn — and help VITALITY to grow too!  Please share it with friends too!