A friend asked me recently why we’ve gone into publishing with VITALITY.

It’s a great question!

Lots of big names get a lot of attention in our media outlets of all sorts — but rarely circles of people.  Sometimes circles could be wiser than celebrities.  🙂

And what has sprung out of our circle the past few years is quite extraordinary.  Our hearts are full of loving ideas…our shelf is filling and will soon welcome more books by year’s end.

We hope you’ll consider joining us to celebrate…

Sunday, July 17
12:30 – 2:30pm
potluck * drinks provided
Gorman Heritage Farm Pavilion
all are welcome * rain or shine

Meet a new friend, reconnect with a forever friend.  Marinate in conversation and delicious food.  Laugh, cry, look into someone’s eyes.  Let’s discover what the life-giving wind does with us when we circle up in person again in a couple Sundays.

Who knows?  Maybe an idea will come for you that needs to be offered to the larger world through our growing shelf!

Brian Shircliff