You feel it too?

The subtle coolness in the hot air?

Something new is happening here.

And I’m not just talking about the weather!

Our first Birthing a New Age group wrapped up last Thursday — an incredible group of people sharing stories and questions, wondering and wandering together, listening together, laughing together, discovering new pathways forward.

Talk about a change!


We were a pretty diverse group — that’s for sure! Ages 20s to 80s, logging in from five states at one point, so many different life experiences. I suspect we have very different political ideas too, though we didn’t talk about that.

And we found a way to befriend each other through wondering about a new age emerging.

Take it from our participants:

“How exciting to sit with a group who envisions possible futures. The experience affirmed and clarified my own role as an elder in birthing a new age.”  Helen Buswinka

“Do you float through life and sometimes wonder where to land? Come find kindred spirits seeking a new Way to a new Age.”  Mike Eck

Registration opens today for the next group which begins via Zoom on Sept 2 at 7:15pm EDT. The membership will be open for a short time, and there’s room for only 20 of us in the next circle.

Check out all you get with your membership by clicking here. FOR ONLY $97!

The new air is inviting BOLDNESS…perhaps your joining this circle will enliven even more boldness and positive change in your life and in our world.

May we all be so bold!

Brian Shircliff
program director