The future looks scary sometimes, doesn’t it?

Pandemics and earthquakes and fires and droughts and heavy rains and hurricanes and floods out of nowhere. Human beings and wavering economies reacting to these unpredictable natural events often do not make it any easier.

Something new is being born — some new way of life on this amazing planet.

Perhaps it’s in how we choose to respond that matters most — in creative ways, in ways that are tuned to finding joy in the strangest moments, in ways that acknowledge all that we’re feeling and at the same time discover flexibility when things around us are wild, unpredictable.

Our Birthing a New Age membership is open for a few more days — until Monday — so that curious friends like you and me can gather and talk and wonder together…and discover creativity and peace of mind together.

Last week I shared with you what Helen and Mike had to say about this circle of friends — new and lifetime friends — we call Birthing a New Age.

Here’s what Alex shares:

“Birthing a New Age has been a great way to get together with new people in a space that fosters creativity and noticing—things that are so often missing from our busy day-to-day life. It has been a true gem to connect with others who notice and care.”

And it all happens on Zoom — something that will become increasingly more important as move into the cooler and darker September evenings…change.

What do you get with your membership?

  •  access to a circle of friends who will meet 5 times starting Thurs, Sept 2 at 7:15pm EDT — friends who want to hear what you say
  • unlimited weekly VITALITY classes via Zoom or in-person for 6 weeks
  • a year’s worth of weekly short 2 – 7 minute invitations to grow your senses, your creativity, your flexible mind, and your ease of living…ideas from Feldenkrais Method, Neuro Linguistic Programming, meditation, and Healing Touch self-care
  • an opportunity to get your ideas or artwork published with VITALITY’s new press…through VITALITY’s annual Birthing a New Age journal or through your very own book!
  • once our five meetings in Sept-Oct conclude, you’ll be able to join previous and future Birthing a New Age circles to continue the conversation for the year of your membership


You must register by Monday!

Could the years ahead be even better than the years behind us? Let’s find out together!

Brian Shircliff
program director