You can feel it too, yeah?

That something profound is about to be born…a new age.

Nearly every facet of our lives is changing — and very often for the better with the growing awarenesses of equality of all human beings, with some slower and more reflective life-rhythms, with the realization that our planet is alive too just as you and I are alive, maybe with the rediscovery of what is most dear to us among the many things competing for our attention.

What will this new age be?

Who knows?  Perhaps the wiser question is what might we do to allow it to announce itself to us?  to let it unfurl itself before us?  to befriend….

We’re gathering groups of friends to creatively play with welcoming this new age…through writing, through doodling, through painting, through songwriting, through a new dance, through whatever is your creative way of expressing yourself.  It could even be the way you hum.  It could even be the way you watch the light change in the room as the sun and moon do their tireless dance through our universe.

Please check it out:

Change, as we know, can be hard.  Yes, there will be birth pangs.  Yes, during hard moments of change, there will longing for what used to be familiar, the old ways, even if those old ways didn’t even serve us well.  But in the listening to what wants to be born, in sensing this new birth, in watching for the birth signs — among friends from around the world — we might do well to discover together the gift in this change and lean into it, catch a whiff of its opportunity.

It all begins in two weeks…and we’re keeping the group small on purpose so that we might know one another a little better.  Catch it while you can!

Brian Shircliff
program director