There’s a lot of noise out there about yoga and movement and meditation…

so many people trying to tell you to do it this way — no, do it that way — no, this completely different way…on and on and on…ugh!!!!

Truthfully, a quick reading of the ancient yoga texts reveals that the battle for whose way was the ‘right way’ in yoga was happening back then too.

Fighting about yoga seems kinda foolish, huh?

At VITALITY, we’ve found a new way to respect all ‘sides,’ to simplify it all, to clear out the noise. We’re excited to share it with you June 12.

And it all involves the bliss you knew as a baby — the same sensational baby-bliss that Moshe Feldenkrais and Gautama/Buddha appealed to in their movement & meditation ideas…guided by sensation within yourself.

Tonia Smith and I are offering three Yoga Immersions using Feldenkrais’ and Gautama’s ideas beginning June 12…all by Zoom. Check it out here and register by May 20!

Get a taste for why we’re using Feldenkrais’ sensational and sensation-based ideas in yoga…register for the May 1 – 10 Feldenkrais Move Better, Feel Better Summit — starts in less than 24 hours!!!

The opportunity to know bliss & ecstasy with only your body and the wind is just sitting right there for each one of us, friends! You & the wind are enough!

Brian Shircliff
program director

P.S. Attending the Move Better, Feel Better Summit is free, but if you decide to upgrade for access after the summit is over, VITALITY may receive a portion of that sale.