There was once a way of knowing YAHWEH — the very breath of life! — long before modern organized religions came to be.

There was once a way of knowing YAHWEH — the very essence of life! — long before authorities and the authoritarian-impulse within each one of us clamped down upon this wild way, even forbid it. It’s the prophet’s way…and it will surprise you as it surprises and transforms any prophet, ancient or modern.

And it will lead you to ecstasy, this ancient way that is the root of modern religion and yet completely different from modern religion. No drugs needed.

And this ecstatic experience is where Judaism, Christianity, Islam, yoga, and even the teachings of Gautama / Buddha meet.

Order your copy here at — very limited copies available for the first run!

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As I shared with you in our last update — too long ago! — VITALITY has welcomed a new publishing house to share ideas from VITALITY’s circle of friends, ideas that inspire love, creativity, and possibility.

All funds raised through the sale of our books support VITALITY’s holistic self-care outreach —

and at this time in our history, your purchase helps us amass a down-payment on a new center we plan to open once the pandemic dust settles.

Until then, all of our great programs are available via Zoom.


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In gratitude to these VATRONS who donated $25+…essentially a pre-order on our new books:

The Naked Path of Prophet vol 1 & our upcoming book Inspiring Stories of Hands-On Healing:

Cynthia Allen & Larry Wells, Mary & Tim Cronin, Bob Donovan, Ed & Carol Ewbank, James Gaunt, Jeffrey Chad Hartman, Judith Johnson, Maggie & Russ King, Margaret Kupferle, Sarah Elizabeth, Bob Reineke, Laurie & Dan Roche, Tonia Smith, Scott Stiens, Howard Thoresen, Annie Weisbrod, Amy & Steve Whitlatch

with these VATRONS for The Naked Path of Prophet vol 1:

Harry Cullen Blanton, Mary Ann Blome, Angie Grimsley, Melissa McNeill, Mary Ann Meyer, Mary Muntel, Stephanie & Eric Nichols, Michael Preston, Cynthia Reese, Pam Schreiner, Lucille Schultz, Alli Shircliff & Rafael Gallardo, Karehma Simon, Jennifer Lynne, Debbie VanKuiken, Lada Tyro, Carol T Yeazell, anonymous friends

We are all grateful!  To a new world, friends!  To a new world…

Brian Shircliff
program director

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