If 2020 was about seeing clearly — with 20/20 vision —
then what will 2021 be about for you?

What did you come to see clearly in your life?

For me, I felt like so much of my life was grasping at this opportunity and that opportunity instead of simply enjoying everything unfolding…it took a pandemic and quarantine to realize I was missing so much life and joy.

So I enter into 2021 with a blank sheet of paper and a pen and a playful list and doodles of dreams, hopes — but no resolutions.

Those resolutions of past years might have been what was getting in the way. Or maybe that way worked for some time and is no longer helpful.

Instead, I’ll pay attention to what stirs inside me, what desires well up again and again, and which desires come but don’t stick around…which could have been the fleeting ones that I grasped at in years past.

Perhaps this is what ‘2021’ is about . . . I pay attention to this and then this . . . 20 + 21 . . . on and on and on, letting my life unfold in its own intelligent way.

What is the deep source of my life that is drawing me into life? Would you like to talk about this in our circle this year? Would you like to be playful with that question and let it unfold and unfurl?

You might have heard that we’ve launched a new publishing house for VITALITY-friends from our circle — you! — to share ideas and stories and questions and possibilities with the world.

It’s VITALITY buzz, bliss + books LLC. Please click on it and check it out.

Two books are coming very soon to join with our four books from past years…

+ Inspiring Stories of Hands-On-Healing…(hopefully! we need more!) 100+ friends from around the world sharing their stories

+ The Naked Path of Prophet, volume 1 — my new translation of 1 Samuel 1 – 18.4…a wild ride of a book so few people carefully or imaginatively pay attention to and, in my opinion, THE text through which to imagine a new world. It offers an experience to welcome a new world…but no solutions, no prescriptions. And the writing is hilarious and so clever.

The Naked Path of Prophet will be available on Apple Books (e-book) in the next few days and print copies hopefully in the next two weeks. Send me an email and I’ll send you details once they are ready.

Proceeds from the sale of books support VITALITY Cincinnati’s holistic self-care & outreach, including our new gleaning efforts that brought in 12,000 lbs of fresh, farm-ready food from the fields and into homeless shelters and food pantries and LaSoupe, thanks to the efforts of Sue Plummer and over 200 volunteers this year. Without those efforts, that food would have been wasted.

To a new world, friends! To a new world…

Brian Shircliff
program director

check out our full documentary by clicking here and please share it…it’s the power of a circle of friends!