A Reflection by Isabelle Provosty

I ran into Brian in Norwood / Pleasant Ridge.  He mentioned my doing the yoga teacher training this summer and I was overjoyed!  I had been thinking about doing this program for years and it finally manifested!  I began on May 20.  I was going through some inner turmoil and I felt bad that the other students were exposed to this.  That is a pretty bad opinion to have of yourself!  Even though I felt this, I felt a sense of belonging on this first day.  I was thankful!

It was the second day of the VITALITY teacher training program.  I chose my yoga mat (borrowed from VITALITY) because my yoga mat which my mother gave me was at my fiance’s apartment.  When I unrolled the borrowed yoga mat, it had three words written on it.  Love, Peace, & Joy.  These three words resonated with me because of the turmoil I had been going through.

We were assigned to create a meditation / visualization about our personal experience.  I created a picture with the sun, the sky, and a void of the earth.  I used the three words on my yoga mat to show my faith that life is overall a good path!


What is YOGA?  by Dayna Schaumbach

Yoga is life – it is kinetic energy waiting to be transformed.  It is a wind instrument that only makes music with breath.  It is bringing the outliers of our being in line with each other.


A Reflection by Cassandra Freed

I have to admit I got this saying from someone at VITALITY just in conversation. Yoga frees the mind and allows us to just FEEL. I thought, such a simple statement, but so profound.  When you think about it you allow yourself time to get in touch with yourself. So many of us are disconnected even from our own selves. Yoga helps me to stop and enjoy a moment in time.


What is YOGA?  by Brian Shircliff

Yoga is an invitation to discover Oneness discovering itself again . . . it can happen by taking a leisurely walk, by lying on the ground and looking at the clouds and stars and sun and moon change, by meditating or making traditional yoga shapes and sensing ourselves and our environment in and out of those shapes, in conversation, over a meal, in our dreams, in our ‘best’ moments and our ‘worst’ moments, anywhere and any time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]