A Reflection by Liz Wu

Pulling weeds in the garden.

It begins slowly, with some effort.  Finding a way to crouch down, to reach the plants.

Experimenting with the best angle for pulling, and how much force is needed.  Knowing when a tool is required.

Sometimes the plants yield, but often they resist.  I feel slightly guilty for disturbing them, but know the other plants need room to grow.

Gradually, a rhythm develops and the process becomes faster.  A large pile of debris is building in the wheelbarrow.  The space in the garden is noticeably clearer, and it feels as though the plants can breathe easier.

The cycle of squatting, pulling, releasing continues — with an easy momentum that could go on for hours.

The simplicity offers a huge relief — just pull.

Thoughts become unnecessary — flowing into a physical conversation with the earth on where to focus, how to move, when to pull, when to move on.

As this continues, it feels as though I am weeding more than the plants.  I begin to review aspects of the mind that can be released . . . some of it clutter, some of it competing for attention with other thoughts I would prefer to develop.

In the complex flow of daily life, pausing to pull some weeds gave me a welcome respite.  Next time I find myself feeling overwhelmed, I will remember that there are always weeds to pull.



“No More Oppression” by Rhyanne McDade

Learning to just be, how amazing it feels — it is truly an awesome experience.  So simple, so easy.  Learning to go with the flow.  I am inspired rather than limited by my own expectations.

This is what yoga has helped me to do.


“Gratitude for Jade” by Dayna Schambach

24 inches wide, 68 inches long, ____ [unit of measure unknown] deep

A beautiful teal covers your rubber feel and you call yourself “Jade”

Rolled up you represent the feelings for which you hope to escape: tight and coiled

Rolled out you represent the space the body needs to meet the mind: free and open

A rectangular start to a journey that becomes round

Body hesitates to step before you, upon your sacred ground

“Be brave and go on, says the mind,” as it hypocritically waits in the corner to ensure safety.

*Body shushes the mind and carefully places feet onto Jade*

I’ve made it! Okay, now lets breathe. Lets become mindful of something our body does involuntarily.

Jade confirms the safety with her soft touch and easy grasp.

Lets see if we can change the pattern. Focus. That’s it. Here comes Mind now.

“I was…watching for monsters…” says Mind making excuses for its late arrival. Body rolls its eyes.

“Take my hand and let’s mindfully walk through space and time” offers Jade

Okay now we’re on the same page…

“We’ll unwind the fears that have kept us bound up in our bodies feeling sore and achy and stagnate.

There’s no trophy for your atrophy…so onward we go!”

*20 minutes go by….*

“Wow, this FEELS GREAT and RIGHT and MAJESTIC, huh Mind?” asks Body

*Mind does a happy dance* *Body giggles and ardently clicks heels together*

Mind and Body have connected to feel peace and unity; and it’s all because of Jade.