From our current Yoga/Healing Touch Interns -- VITALITY's 9th class! -- who are amazing yoga/wellness teachers in their own right reflect on what they have learned from visitors to our VITALITY circle who have shared their wisdom at VITALITY recently: "In Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Becky Morrissey, I learned how important it is to meet people where they are." "I really loved what Mary Sinclair shared about how to get out of a chair, and would love if there could be a little video clip of it so that I could practice it and then share it with my senior class participants." -- Liz "I learned from Mary Duennes and her Healing Touch level 1 class about the recognition of energy . . . the energy of myself and others, the dynamic of that energy, and the healing power of that energy." -- Alice "I learned from Mary Schoen's Breath Blow-Out that breath is empowering, makes you energetic and euphoric -- all at the same time."  -- Cassandra "Mary Sinclair's class on posture changed my life!  Looking deeper on how our spine and pelvis are shaped and seeing the images of people who have good posture vs. don't truly helped me to change the way I think about sitting up, walking, standing, etc.  I've noticed a positive change in how I walk now and how I feel -- less upper back pain."  -- Dayna "I learned a lot from Davi Brown's Kundalini Yoga class, about a more traditional yoga practice with chanting and pausing for meditation and some easy-to-do movements that seemed to increase my vitality and sense of life within myself." "I learned about the interconnectedness of our body from Becky Morrissey's Trauma Sensitive Yoga class." "From Mary Schoen's Breath Blow-Out I learned how important it is to release the restricted areas of your breath in order to be free." "From Mary Sinclair's Posture/Balance Workshop, I learned how proper alignment not only removes pain but keeps the system healthy and vibrant and increases personal power." "Davi Brown's Kundalini Yoga class moved a lot of energy!" "Mary Sinclair's Posture/Balance Workshop helped me better understand the structure of my pelvis.  She also gave me an experience, the tactile memory of being aligned even before the slideshow of those images about alignment.  The wrapped towel behind my shoulders really helped me, and now I always have a towel behind me while I'm driving - so useful!" -- CJ "I discovered the importance of breathing from Becky Morrissey's Trauma Sensitive Yoga class.  When you breathe in, your lungs are filling with air and your diaphragm is expanding."