What if health — complete wholeness — was truly as simple as

taking a nap in the somewhat shady, somewhat sunny grass that has not been sprayed

growing food oneself and harvesting it and cooking it together

walking, hiking, exploring, with a friend or with the breeze

breathing, and enjoying it

feeling, sensing oneself moving, luxuriating in the smallest, simplest movements as babies are wise to do

seeing the person in front of us

trusting the erotic impulses that flow through us and creatively responding with them, just as we do with our dreams (not every thing we think and dream needs to be lived out, right? but they are invitations to a deeper knowing of life, yes?)

enjoying the taste and texture and pleasure of what we eat together, because we give ourselves the greatest gift…the time and conversation in between each bite to do so

being dazzled by the morning sky and the night sky, that only sun and moon and stars know how to do

discovering that I can learn something new every day, every minute if I’m wise (all too often I’m so sure I know something
that it’s impossible to know anything (new))

soaking in together the tremendous power of touch, even when I touch my own body, my foot, my ankle, my knee, between my toes, my whole self

delighting in the breeze, in clean water to drink,

give up teaching moral platitudes and instead inviting children (and our adult selves) how to sense and respond, sense and reflect, and wonder

knowing what we *really* want in life, and then both going after it and letting it come to us…

what if seeking health is really what it is…being alive, marinating in this sense of ‘aliveness’ that comes when we *enjoy*…when we uncover the joy within each tiny and ginormous experience…when we dance and be danced by the immense love within us and beyond us…


(by Brian Shircliff – 21jan18)