We’re very close to layout time — game time! — with Jack Kennevan’s book Conversations with Prisonersa selection of those inspiring letters he wrote to prisoners with whom he was meeting for more than ten years at our county jail.

As I write and send this to you, these friends have pre-ordered copies, which helps us pay the costs for the book’s layout and publication — THANK YOU!

Sue Antoinette & Russ Martin, Helen Buswinka, William Coleman, Beth Corbo, Mary & Tim Cronin, Mary Duennes, Denise & Mike Eck, Sherri Elmore, Mike & Fran Harmon, Spencer Kociba, Patricia R Leigh, Kim & Mark McLaughlin, Marianne Mundy, Krista Powers & Patrick Flerlage, Peg Niehaus, Judy & Fred Reuter, Mary Ann Roncker, Mary & Bob Schneider, Jodi & Wayne Shircliff, Brian Shircliff, Tonia Smith, Peggy & Dan St. Clair, Beverly Thomas, Thomas VonderBrink, Amy & Steve Whitlatch, Carol Yeazell, Carol T & Bruce Yeazell

Don’t see your name here?  Then order by the end of the day and we’ll be sure your name is included.  We take pride in noting inside each one of our books all who have supported the project.

You bring new ideas to life!
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And our world needs new ideas, yes?  This book inspires so much love.  May our world feel ever more such ripples.

Brian Shircliff

PS Jack has generously offered this collection of letters and interviews with him about his experiences to be published with proceeds supporting VITALITY Cincinnati’s holistic mission and ministry, just as his pastor Richard Bollman, S.J. has done with Selected Homilies. In honor of Jack, VITALITY will make a donation of a portion of the proceeds of Conversations with Prisoners to Transforming Jail Ministries.