Jack Kennevan inspired me as a St. Xavier High School golf coach…

and little did I know then that he was meeting with inmates every week as as volunteer chaplain too.

Jack visited Hamilton County Justice Center nearly every week for over 10 years.  After retiring from an inspiring career as a high school teacher, coach, and principal, he was trained and volunteered as a jail chaplain through Transforming Jail Ministries.  Through those years, Jack wrote 290 letters, about one a week to inmates with whom he met who could then have something upon which to reflect back in their cell after talking with Jack at a table with two chairs.

Conversations with Prisoners is a selection of those inspiring letters.

Jack has generously offered this collection of letters and interviews with him about his experiences to be published with proceeds supporting VITALITY Cincinnati’s holistic mission and ministry, just as his pastor Richard Bollman, S.J. has done with Selected Homilies. In honor of Jack, VITALITY will make a donation of a portion of the proceeds of Conversations with Prisoners to Transforming Jail Ministries.

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These letters welcome such deep reflection, no matter what holds us back from the life we want.  May we all discover through Jack’s writing new ways forward for our own lives, for reshaping jail/prison life, and for growing human community on this planet…that we might all shine.

Brian Shircliff