I stopped into the new space Sunday to put the cover on the new gathering-table/storage and found some ceiling tiles on the floor. Looks like there had been a leak from the roof. Our landlord had just paid to have the roof repaired last week, but seems that the repair simply rerouted the water. And then we had that big rain and the water rolled in a new direction to expose another weak spot.


I had a full list of classes and sessions booked for yesterday and the tiles that hadn’t yet fallen started to smell kind of funky. Good news, I could move my classes and sessions to the old upstairs space for the day.

It was a bit of a hassle — I had just moved everything downstairs just recently. But — oh well.

And as I moved chairs and mats upstairs again and hollowed out some space for class amidst the last boxes getting ready to be packed up, I found one of my colleague’s angel cards face down on the ground. I giggled to myself, this is going to be interesting.

I reached down Bones for Life-style and flipped the card over.


I had to laugh, especially as I was being invited to be flexible with today’s space, especially as I was getting ready for the Bones for Life class which invites both stability and flexibility.

Of course, a healthy life blends both flexibility and stability. Walking is precisely that…the ability to stand tall and stably and confidently on one leg as we flexibly swing the other leg through for the next step.

Perhaps a healthy life is just that…knowing when to be strong and rooted and when to be flexible and flowing…and how to blend the two intelligently, from the inside out, all based on one’s sensations.

Even in this not-so-settled space, class was great with these wonderful people who find their way into our VITALITY circles. Life with a circle of curious friends of all ages is always rich.

And I was reminded of the writing I’ve been exploring the past few years…the ancient prophetic invitation to be a wanderer led by curiosity — the wind! — to be a bordercrosser — like the wind! The very word “Hebrew” in the Hebrew-language means “Bordercrosser.”

It’s a gift to be able to flow with the day and wherever the wind takes me; and it’s a gift to have stability, a place to call home.

The ceiling tiles have been repaired, the smell is gone, and even the parking lot was lined yesterday to include three — THREE — accessible parking spots. Progress!

We look forward to announcing a new line-up of Autumn possibilities when you join us for our Open House on Sat, Sept 9 from 2 – 4pm. Our new space is beautiful and friendly — and now clean and dry! — and ready to welcome you into the circle. All are welcome!

What will you discover in the circle that might ripple through your life, that might help you to discover a more confident stance and the flexibility to flow in life?

Brian Shircliff