Delighted to see so many of you taking advantage of the free Bones for Life series Cynthia Allen, Andrea Tutt, and I have offered the past ten days.

So many of you’ve been telling us about such big aha’s and life-improvements from such small little movement-explorations – yay!

If you missed it…click here to catch the recordings for the next few days:

And if you’re thinking of signing up to join us for a full Bones for Life immersion on Zoom, better do that soon as there are very limited spots in this worldwide offering.

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Or maybe you’re still wondering which path to take for yourself to improve your life this year…

Healing Touch
Bones for Life

We offer a number of choices through VITALITY!  Choices can be hard, right?

So we designed the Holistic Sampler for you!

Join us Sunday, Feb 19 at 1:30pm ET in person in Walnut Hills for ONE HOUR to sample all five modalities and decide what’s best for you.

Sunday, Feb 19 at 1:30pm ET
791 E McMillan, Cincinnati 45206
cost = $7  RSVP required since there are only 10 spots
RSVP by replying to this email or texting 513.300.5174

Feel free to stay after the hour for tea and to talk.  If you’re curious about VITALITY’s New Yoga Teacher Training in 2023, here’s your opportunity to find out more too.

You might even find that your life is better in that hour alone!

Brian Shircliff

PS…Tuesday 11am Feldenkrais classes resume this week…and you can choose to join us via Zoom OR in person at our Walnut Hills space for Tuesdays just like Thursdays!