Have you been noticing what the pandemic has done to you, to all of us?

Maybe you know someone who got very ill or died from covid-19.  I grieve with you, friend.

And even more than that, this three year window did something to us, I suspect.  Anything that upsets our routines for so long would.  And when our routines are disturbed, often the deeper contents of who we are come swirling up.

Recently I was driving behind someone who zigzagged up Madison Rd where it crosses the new Wasson Way bike/walk trail.  It’s already a super congested area, and with the trail there even more so.  And this person drove with sharp turns of the wheel and stops and then speeding up, all of this for a few blocks.  It was a scary 90 seconds.  Horns were blaring.  Cars were dodging everywhere.

The car finally came to a complete stop, in the middle of the road.

I wondered who I’d encounter as I tried to inch past her.

And she was just like me — about my age, well dressed, looking like she had just been awakened from a dream.  I mouthed with my hands up, “what are you doing?”

She brought her hands to her mouth in shock and mouthed “I’m so, so sorry.”

I tried to muster a soothing smile to her as I nodded and drove away — ahead of her 🙂

Now things like this certainly happened before the pandemic, but maybe you too are noticing that things are different now.  We’ve all been changed somehow.

We at VITALITY have circles where we can all wake up to life together, and grow into our dreams for life no matter what the next challenge is that comes.  Best to stitch together one’s parachute long before we’re called to jump again…be internally ready for Nature’s next call to change….

While our Bones for Life Immersions offered with our friends at Future Life Now filled last night — yay! — we do have two in-person opportunities that might be of interest to you this Sunday and Tuesday at our new location…791 E McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45206:

try out 
Healing Touch, Bones for Life, NLP, journaling, & yoga in ONE HOUR
this Sunday, Feb 19 at 1:30pm ET
cost = $7 
RSVP required by noon tomorrow/Saturday since there are only 10 spots
RSVP by text/call at 513.300.5174

as you rest fully-clothed in a chair or a table (your choice)
and 1-2 trained practitioners work with you

this Tues, Feb 21 at 5:30 & 6:30pm ET
$20 donation requested
RSVP asap…very limited spots: claim your spot by text/call at 513.300.5174

Welcome a new, calming, joy-filled world for yourself and those you love!

Brian Shircliff