A trainer I hired at a few gyms ago and I used to — through the year — say “It’s a new year and a new you!”

It’s a trite phrase, of course, that we often hear around January 1.

But we wished it to each other at the new calendar year, Chinese New Year, Rosh Hashana (Jewish new year), and any and every culture’s new year.

There was a wisdom in this — that we could begin again at any time of the year.

Many of us do that already with the new moon or the full moon or a solstice or equinox.  Or with a birthday or anniversary or sobriety day.  Some of us remember a loved one who has passed through the veil and begin again on their birthday or saint/death-day.

Sometimes we even create a ‘new year’ and new beginning just because we want to.

When will you begin again?

All of VITALITY’s drop-in programs and trainings offer a new beginning, at any time.

Whether you like…

the so gentle and easy Capacitor tai chi Mary Duennes offers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9am ET for just 30 minutes via Zoom only…

or the gentle and curious Feldenkrais or Bones for Life classes I offer on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am ET for just 45 minutes, Zoom or in-person…

or the Inner Journey circle that meets tonight at 6:30pm ET via Zoom and led by Penny Costilla…

or the new opportunities soon to be announced…

you will find like-minded friends beginning again.

Reach out when you’re ready…but why wait?  The life of your dreams is waiting for you!  Walk toward your new horizon!

Begin again!

Brian Shircliff